Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! [video]

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem! [video]

Do you struggle with less-than-perfect credit? That’s not a problem at Integrity! We help to get you into a vehicle by looking at your current income, not your credit history.

Bad credit? No credit? No problem! We help you struggle a loan payment that works within your budget. No only that, we’ll even help you rebuild your credit. Now, that’s Integrity!


Narrator: Our mission is to help Oklahomans get into their next vehicle. Bad credit? No credit? No problem! We’ll work to get you in the vehicle you want, with payments you can afford.

Howard: You’ll be in a family environment. Nobody pushes you, nobody rushes you, and they give you exactly what you ask for.

Karla Banks (Sales Associate): Your success is Integrity’s success. We’ll help you structure a loan payment plan that works within your budget. We want to see you be successful in your loan with payments you can afford.

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Well hurry up and bust a move and get on over to and check out our high quality inventory, hundreds of customer testimonials, and, don’t forget, fill out that application for quick and easy financing.

Narrator: Making your payments on a car loan is a great way to establish or rebuild your credit. Integrity reports to all three credit bureaus, providing the best credit reporting coverage we can give you. You’re not going to find that at most Buy Here Pay Here dealers. Integrity is committed to your success.

Jeremy: I was looking to purchase a home, and I went in and talked to a banker. And that guy, he looked me straight in the eye and says “Sir, you don’t even qualify to talk to me.” And I said, you know, it’s time to get us on the right track. We gotta start doing something. We can’t be paying $1,100 dollars a month for rent for the rest of our lives.

I saw this Chevy Avalanche up on the rack, and I said that’s what I want. So far it’s worked out perfect. Within six months, I’ve gained 140 points on my credit score, and now I have my eyes out shopping for our home to raise our family and grow old in.

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  1. Maria Waller

    This is. Cool. For us. People. With bad credit.

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