We Stock High-Quality Well-Conditioned Vehicles [video]

We Stock High-Quality Well-Conditioned Vehicles [video]


Narrator: It isn’t enough that we sell great cars. Integrity has a comprehensive program to make sure they are in tip-top condition when you buy. We believe that we recondition our inventory to a higher standard than any other Buy Here Pay Here in Oklahoma.

Bob McCaslin: My responsibility is to make sure that these vehicles all get reconditioned 100% thoroughly. To make sure that these vehicles are safe to drive, make sure they are dependable and that everybody in here does their role in making sure that these vehicles get completed and delivered to the sales team.

We have our Heartland 132 point inspection, where we basically go bumper to bumper and inspect each of the different systems on the vehicle. We check over the air conditioning systems, we check the brakes, the suspension, the cooling systems, we check all the interior components, your power windows, locks. We check all these out to make sure that they’re functioning properly because when we sell you a car, we want to sell you something that’s dependable, reliable, and works. I don’t just want to sell you some piece of junk that’s gonna break down on you two days later.

We want to make sure that you’re in a car that’s gonna last and be a good vehicle for you for the future. That’s typically somebody’s second largest investment in life, is their car. Their first being their home. So to most people, the car is extremely important. It’s how we get to our jobs, it’s how we get our kids to school, it’s how we get around in our day-to-day lives. Without that tool, many of us feel hopeless or stranded. So to us, it is very important to make sure that we are able to provide people with that means to get around and be mobile as needed to take care of their lives. Every vehicle gets test driven at least four different times. One by the technician before the reconditioning. A second time after he’s done reconditioning. Then one of the service managers, myself or one of the other two service managers, will test drive the vehicle. And then finally, test driven by a sales manager before the vehicle even hits the lot. So we have a really big checks and balance system in place to try to prevent any possible issue that may arise with a vehicle.

It’s extremely satisfying seeing our team back here come together and really perform at their 100%. And just seeing the final product, a quality vehicle and it delivered to the customer and seeing the joy and happiness that it brings them. It really makes my job extremely gratifying.

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