Integrity’s Toy Drive

Integrity’s Toy Drive

Integrity has teamed up with OU Children’s Hospital to donate toys to the children’s cancer center. Check out the video below to see how you can participate!


Karla: Ooh,… what’s up with the holiday goodies?

Dontay: Now, these are not for you! I just got an idea: I want to do something special this holiday season, so I figured I’d donate these cookies to the community just so I can touch someone’s heart in a big way!

Karla: Big way? That’s not very big; 24 cookies? Did you even bake them or did you buy them? That’s not very big.

Dontay: Oh, now, that don’t matter! It’s the thought that counts, right?!

Karla: We need to think bigger! I’ve got an idea: what if we…

Dontay: No, no — that’ll never work. How about I go and fill up a hundred gas tanks with gas? They’ll love that!

Karla: How about we don’t do that. I have a much better idea. Every time someone comes in and purchases a vehicle with Integrity, we donate a brand new toy to the OU Children’s Hospital cancer patients on their behalf!

Dontay: I got a better idea: How about every time someone comes in and purchases a vehicle here at Integrity, we donate a toy to the Children’s Cancer Center on their behalf?

The Details

Karla: The Integrity Cares program is excited to a huge Toy Drive for the precious fighting cancer. We’ve teamed up with OU Children’s Medical Center to make this possible. And you can be a part of that by any of the following:

  • Purchase a vehicle with us and choose the toy you would like to donate in your name.
  • Bring a cash donation to our location at 3333 South I-35 Service Road, Oklahoma City.
  • Choose a toy from the list provided by the Hospital, such as:
    • Card games
    • Baby toys
    • Legos
    • Action figures
    • Coloring books
    • Musical toys
    • Trucks, cars, and dolls
    • Wireless portable speakers
    • $25 gift cards

Karla: Dontay, that was a really great idea!

Dontay: Well, you know, I try.

Karla and Dontay: Now, that’s Integrity!