Test Drive: 2021 Chevy 2500 HD

Test Drive: 2021 Chevy 2500 HD

Take a ride with Preston and Dontay in this like-new 2021 Chevy 2500 HD.


Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service General Manager): Happy Test Drive Tuesday! Dontay and I are driving this 2021 Chevy. You guys, check this out! Dontay, check this truck out: crew cab 2021 Chevy, black on black. It’s a custom trim package, so it’s got the painted bumpers and all that fancy stuff. Guys, check this gorgeous grill out on this truck. It’s got polished 20″ wheels with the grey painted on the inside of them, all-terrain tires. Guys, this truck only has 7,700 miles on it. Practically brand new and still under factory warranty, of course. It’s a four-wheel-drive; it’s got Chevy’s new 6.6L V8 gas motor in it. So, it’s the big 3/4-ton gas motor. The window tint is already done. It’s got factory step rails, big towing mirrors. It’s got the back bumper with the steps in it, so us short guys can get up there and hop in the back of the truck a little bit easier. It makes it a lot easier to get stuff out of that big truck. As you can see, it’s got your spray-in bed liner. It’s even got steps over here! Guys, it’s a gorgeous truck. It’s got the tow package down here. Guys, a 2021 Chevy 3/4-ton 4X4 crew cab.

Dontay Pompey (Integrity Auto Finance General Manager): I’m ready to drive it!

Preston: We’ve got keyless entry and remote start,… and a remote tailgate. Hop in, sir!

Dontay: This is nice! I love it in here, guys! I love it.

Preston: All right, buddy. Here we go! There’s a lot of stuff to check out in this truck. It’s a fancy one, for sure.

Dontay: You’ve got to love it, man! You’ve got to love it.

Preston: It’s like brand new. Just 7,700 miles on it.

Dontay: This may be the newest truck I’ve ridden in.

Preston: It’s the newest one we’ve got on the lot right now. You’ve got your big touchscreen. You know, it’s a work truck, but it doesn’t feel like one. You’ve got a big touchscreen with a backup camera. It’s loaded with cool features, too. This is a 2021, so it’s up-to-date with all the tech features. You can plug your cell phone in, depending on which cell phone you have. I’m an Apple guy, so I can plug my iPhone in with Apple CarPlay, which is super cool because you’ve got your iPhone apps right there on the radio. You can use your Apple music, your Maps, your Ways,… whatever you want to use right there on the factory stereo. It’s super cool. Android Auto, same way. You’re an Android guy, so you can plug your Android phone in and Android Auto is built in right there.

Dontay: I see it’s USB-C plugin, too!

Preston: That’s something that you’re going to start seeing in the newer and newer cars. Some older cars didn’t even have a USB, right? This truck, being a 2021, you’ve got a big USB and a USB-C. So you can plug in your phone and everything and play that all through the factory stereo. You’ve also got this 60-40 bench in the front — a bench seat with a fold-down console. It’s got this great big console that holds all kinds of stuff. It’s got cupholders; you can put your stuff in there. You’ve got all kinds of cubbyholes for stuff. And you can also fold it up and you’ve got a seat and another shoulder belt for somebody. You could bring the whole crew or family with you if you need to.

Dontay: That is awesome, man. And this is a work truck! I feel like a big boss, obviously, but this is luxury.

Preston: It’s the boss’s truck that can also get the job done, right. It’s got all the stuff that you need to get the job done — four-wheel-drive, room for the whole crew. It’s a 3/4-ton, so you can hook a big trailer to it and pull it.

Dontay: It’s smart. Whoever engineered this is smart because I love the black. Perfect for a work truck.

Preston: And speaking of that — it does have black carpet, which, for a work truck is a great thing to have — it’s got completely covered GM factory floor mats. And it covers even down here in the middle,… and in the back, too.

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