Test Drive with Integrity: 2008 RAM 2500

Test Drive with Integrity: 2008 RAM 2500

Take a test drive with Preston and Dontay in this 2008 RAM 2500 Mega Cab!


Preston Miller (General Manager, Integrity Auto Service): I had to really climb up here!

Dontay Pompey (General Manager, Integrity Auto Finance): I’m up, I’m up. Got my parachute ready.

Preston: What’s up, everybody? Dontay and I, today, are here with you for Test Drive Tuesday, driving this gorgeous Dodge truck. It’s a 2008 3/4-ton diesel Mega Cab, right?

Dontay: Yep.

Preston: It’s a big one.

Dontay: It’s clean, too.

Preston: This is a nice tuck.

Dontay: This is a work truck?! Look at the inside!

Preston: It may not have been a work truck, but it will definitely get the job done. That’s for sure.

Dontay: It doesn’t look like anybody used this for work, for sure.

Preston: What’s not to like? I mean, it’s a gorgeous truck. Out of an ’08 Dodge, you’d imagine it’d be dirty or worn out, but this truck looks like brand new, still — inside and out. It’s a white, four-door Mega Cab 2500 with a 6.7L Cummins diesel. It’s automatic four-wheel-drive, of course. It’s already got the lift kit on it; you don’t have to do that.

Dontay: And it’s got step rails for us!

Preston: Yeah, thank God it’s got those aftermarket step rails, because I may not have been able to get in. I would’ve needed some help to get a boost up here. It’s not that big, though. The truck’s got maybe a front-end leveling kit on it. It’s just a big truck and it sets up tall. It’s got a brand new set of Fuel off-road 20″ wheels on it, with brand new all-terrain tires.

Dontay: It looks good, too.

Preston: The tires on there, literally, have got — how far have we gone? — like, five miles on them. We just put them on there; they’re brand-spankin’-new, name brand tires. It’s got ice-cold air; it’s got the after-market CD player here. Another cool thing about this truck: over here on this A pillar you’ve got all these after-market gauges, and somebody put all these Autometer — you know, good brand name. It’s not your typical Amazon special parts; these are real name brand parts they put on here. You’ve got transmission temperature boost gauge, exhaust temperature,… so you’ve got all the gauges there. It adds a little sporty-feel to the inside of the truck. That’s going to make a big difference to a guy pulling a gooseneck trailer loaded down with equipment. He’s going to be able to see what that transmission temperature is or what that exhaust temperature is or whatever.

Dontay: Not to mention the room in the back, too.

Preston: Not to mention that room, yeah. It’s a Mega Cab. Basically, you’ve got a four-door truck, and you’ve got a little extended cab room on the back of the four-door truck.

Dontay: It looks like you could put a kitchen table back here, man!

Preston: You could set up and play some cards with the boys. So, you’ve got the big Mega Cab backseat — three shoulder belts there; you could put the whole crew in the back. And then — what a lot of guys like — you can fold that seat down. This is the perfect truck for a hotshot driver. Maybe you’re pulling a gooseneck trailer loaded down with equipment across the country and you don’t want to buy a hotel room; basically you’ve got yourself an overnight sleeper cab there. A lot of guys put a blow-up mattress in there.

Dontay: Two people could probably sleep back there comfortably.

Preston: What I would use it for: you could throw a fishing pole or a toolbox or whatever you need behind that seat. Then you’ve got all your stuff back there, plus you’ve got the four-door truck and you don’t have to have any of your stuff floating around in the passenger department.

Dontay: Most definitely.