Test Drive with Integrity: 2010 Ford F-150 XLT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2010 Ford F-150 XLT

Take a test drive with Jeremy, Riley, and Dontay in this beautiful, half-ton 2010 Ford F-150 XLT.


Jeremy Wilhite (Sales Manager): Hey, guys! You’ve got Jeremy, Riley, and Dontay on another Test Drive Tuesday.

Riley (Sales Associate): How’s it going, guys?

Dontay Pompey (General Manager): I finally climbed up here.

Jeremy: Today we’ve got this 2010 Ford F-150 XLT.

Riley: This thing’s massive.

Jeremy: Yeah, this thing’s a big boy’s truck.

Riley: Oh, yeah. And you’ve got that aftermarket radio; you’ve got the trailer Brig.

Jeremy: Four-wheel-drive!

Riley: What everybody wants.

Jeremy: Yep, yep. Oklahoma red clay, guys; you’ve got to have that four-by.

Riley: Then you’ve got that bench seat here in the middle if you’ve got that extra kid or dog. If you go on a trip, you’ve always got that extra room, which is nice to have.

Jeremy: If it’s my dog, she’s going to be sitting right there in the center.

Dontay: Speaking of dogs or whatever, I don’t have any dogs but kids I do have. Speaking of room, I’m looking back here, car-seats-wise, you could put two car seats back here and still have room for another passenger.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah. That’s got plenty of room.

Dontay: Yeah, and I’ve got leg room; there’s quite a bit of leg room. I feel like I’m in the front seat back here, guys.

Riley: And with that, being a massive truck, you’ve got the 35″ mud tires, brand new. You’ve got the 6″ lift, I believe.

Jeremy: Yeah, I think it’s about a six. Well, we say all the time that Preston just outdoes himself on finding them. People like the lifted trucks, and we’re all about giving people that truck or car or SUV that they’re proud to take home to their family and say, “Hey, look at what I got.”

Riley: Definitely.

Dontay: Exactly, especially if you’re working hard, you deserve something nice.

Jeremy: You’re absolutely right about that. And, the great thing is, a lot of people don’t want to help the self-employed customers, but that’s one of our specialties.

Dontay: Somebody just came in the other day who was self-employed and she owned a construction company, had a few trucks, was looking for a few box trucks, but she also said she’d had trouble before, being self-employed, getting approved. I told her, “Hey, that’s what we’re looking for! If you’re self-employed, we encourage you to come in, just because that shows you’ve got drive, ambition.” Not only that, you’ve also got some responsibilities where you’re probably taking care of your ride.

Jeremy: Most definitely, Dontay. The gentleman that we sold the work van to — self-employed. He needed another van because he was tired of his employees driving his and getting them dirty. He’s like, “I want my own!”

Special Financing Available

Jeremy: So, guys: we make it really simple. Riley, if they’re interested in a test drive on this, tell them what they need to do.

Riley: So, you can give us a call at (405) 456-6235 and set up an appointment, or you can come in the store and check out our inventory and test drive like that. It’s also very easy to get financed with us. All you need is a proof of income, proof of residence, and a valid driver’s license. You can come in the store, do that application, get that knocked out, or we even have an application link on the website that you can fill out. That way, we are still taking those Covid precautions, making sure everyone is staying safe.