Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Ford F-150 Lariat

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Ford F-150 Lariat

Take a test drive with Dontay and Jeremy in this beautiful black 2014 Ford F-150 Lariat!


Jeremy (Sales Associate): What’s going on, guys?

Dontay Pompey (General Manager): We’re back! It’s Test Drive Tuesday, guys. You guys know ho we do it here at Integrity Auto Finance. You’ve got myself, Dontay, if you haven’t met me yet. This is Jeremy.

(music begins playing)

Dontay: Oh, we’re jammin’! Who was in here before? They were jammin’. That’s a good sound system, too. It’s a Sony system in here.

Jeremy: It is a Sony system.

Dontay: But, hey, this one here: Preston hooked us up with another great half-ton, new vehicle to the lot. This is a 2014 Ford F-150.

Jeremy: It’s a nice truck.

Dontay: Yeah, it is. And it’s a Lariat model. So you’ll definitely like the inside — it’s leather. It’s black (exterior) and black on the inside, too.

Jeremy: You’ve got the wood grain.

20th Anniversary New Year Celebration

Dontay: They did real good with the way it looks inside. But, yeah, we’re taking this on a spin today, guys, and remember we are doing the biggest deals of the year. We’re starting to start just now — it’s January and we’re starting and we’re trying to kick off the year running this time. We finished the year pretty strong, and we’re trying to basically keep that up — getting these deals out with our 20-year anniversary, guys. With it being twenty years in business, we’re doing anything we can to make a deal work. The goal is, pretty much, you do the app, you submit it, you get in here; we’re trying to do whatever we can to get you in a vehicle. You let us know what needs to be done, actually, and we’ll do what we can to get you there.

Special Financing

Dontay: Now remember, we’re based off income, guys, not off of credit. So just keep that in mind, because that’s a big deal right now. So please, pick up the phone or go online if you like these vehicles or these videos you’re seeing.

Luxury & Loaded

Dontay: But, this one right here (back to the truck): 2014 Ford F-150 Lariat. It’s got the step rails on the side, as well.

Jeremy: Yeah, it makes it really nice for the missus because you get, a lot of times, the missus comes in and says, “I don’t want to climb up into it.”

Dontay: Well, it does have that assistance for them. That is good. This is an EcoBoost.

Jeremy: Oh, yeah! It means turbo!

Dontay: And, truck-wise, it’s going to be great on fuel. Truck-wise, you’ve still got good gas mileage. So, that’s a little different. Most people see the trucks and get scared of the gas. The EcoBoost does help in that nature, as well.

Jeremy: And what a lot of people don’t realize is, even though it’s a V6 with that turbo, the pulling  power on this is sometimes even more than those smaller V8s.

Dontay: It’s definitely got some great torque, too. I would say my favorite thing, though, about this truck is just the luxury part of it. I mean it’s so luxury — you’ve got the sunroof; you’ve got the heated seats, cool seats. See what I mean? That’s unreal. Man, I love it. When Preston goes out and buys these it’s like he’s looking, like he almost sees the person or the customer before he even buys it. It’s like he’s buying for his family. He’s picky. “What would I drive?” “What could I see someone in?” Or “What would the family drive?” He’s so good as his work.

Jeremy: He’s very mindful of that.

Dontay: So he gets the stuff that makes for us to sell.

Jeremy: That’s what people don’t realize — we have as much fun on the test drive as them because of the quality of the trucks and cars and SUVs that we’re selling.

Dontay: Let’s go for a spin! He definitely gives us the eye candy. They’re real nice vehicles. And he has a do-not-buy list. There’s a lot of vehicles that we don’t even buy because we’re about the known issues they have. And that makes us feel more confident selling the ones that we do have on the lot, because, you now, they’re obviously on the do-buy list.

Jeremy: If it’s on the lot, you know it’s a quality vehicle, and it’s going to last our customers a long time — which is our goal.

Dontay: Exactly. This ride is so smooth.