Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Lincoln MKX

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Lincoln MKX

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Riley in this super slick 2014 Lincoln MKX luxury SUV.


Jeremy (Sales Associate): All right, guys! Welcome to another Test Drive Tuesday. You’ve got Jeremy and Riley here, together again. So, we’re test driving today, guys, this 2014 Lincoln MKX SUV. This thing is a nice, beautiful kind-of cream white color.

Fully-Loaded SUV

Riley (Sales Associate): With leather seats.

Jeremy: Yeah, definitely those leather seats.

Riley: They’re heated and cooled for the summer weather and winter weather, but we’re getting out of that winter, hopefully.

Jeremy: Yeah, no joke! We don’t want any more winter weather. I don’t think anybody in Oklahoma wants that. So, you’ve got the touchscreen, guys, for the entertainment; you’ve got the USB hookups — I think we said three or four of them.

Riley: Yeah, I believe there are two down there, and I think there’s one in the back, as well.

Jeremy: So it’s definitely loaded out to charge your electronics, guys. Like he said, it’s the two-tone, nice leather interior and the heated and cooled seats. It’s just comfort, guys. This is perfect for the person that has the smaller family but still wants that SUV to sit up a little bit higher. Going on those family trips, you’re going to get the better gas mileage in something like this, but you’ll still have the room to take the luggage and everything and not have to be like some of those people who throw it on top.

Riley: And the cool thing about this one, too, it’s bigger, but it’s not too big for those people that are scared to drive the bigger vehicles.

Jeremy: Oh, absolutely! I’ve definitely had them. The Chevy Tahoes and stuff like that are just too big for them.

Riley: Chevy Suburbans.

Jeremy: You betcha.

Riley: Ford Expeditions are just too long for some people, and they feel uncomfortable driving.

Jeremy: Absolutely. And like all vehicles nowadays, it is setup to Bluetooth in for your music and to answer your calls and stuff. Actually, on the visor, you’ve got the spot where you can actually program a garage door opener to it — where you can open your garage door and just slide right on in. Definitely, guys, this is one to come test drive. This will not last long at all — we’ve already gotten calls about it. Riley, tell them what they need to do if they want to get approved.

Easy Financing

Riley: So, pretty much, all you’ve got to do is call us at (405) 456-6235, or go on our website and do the online application there (or you can do it in-store). When you call the store, you can either ask for me or Jeremy, and we’ll get you guys helped out.

Jeremy: Like we said: bad credit, no credit, or self-employed — we can get you approved. Just give us a call. Don’t be afraid. We get a lot of people that think they can’t get approved. Don’t be that person. Give us a call, do that inquiry, like Riley said, and come on down and test drive this thing. You can drive away today.