Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat

Take a test drive with Dontay and Tiffany in this beautiful, fully-reconditioned half-ton Ford F-150 Lariat.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): This one right here is a 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat.

Tiffany (Sales Assistant): EcoBoost!

Dontay: Yes, EcoBoost! It’s nice. This is one of the nicer trucks that’s going to be real good on gas mileage, but that high-up feel, still that big boy, still large and in charge! It has the pretty maroon red paint — almost like the OU Sooner paint; if you’re an OU fan, it’s definitely calling your name out there. This one, right here, we just got — actually just hit the lot this week. This is real nice, and I know it won’t last on the lot too long, either.

Heated & Cooled Seats

Dontay: It’s got the heated and cooled seats up front. I think, David, when he set us up, he got the seat cooled, because I can feel it a little bit. It’s cool, like the AC’s blowing underneath me. It’s got the heated and cooled seats up front, and even the back row’s got heated seats. So even the back has heated seats, which I think is freaking awesome because, I think, most of the time you don’t see the back having that control, as well. But it’s a good travel vehicle, too. If you have family and want to travel and still pull some boat for the lake, you can do that.


Dontay: Like I said, this is the EcoBoost, so it’s real good on gas. That is one of the things I do like about it — it’s better than most trucks, gas-wise. With it being a Lariat package, that’s why it’s so luxury inside.

Fully Loaded

Dontay: It’s a 4×4! Gotta love that. Everybody in Oklahoma, a lot of people in Oklahoma, obviously, wanting a 4X4 truck, so Preston tries to load us up with those. So we do have that. What else do you see that you like about it?

Tiffany: It’s spacious in the back. And it has the outlet for a plugin.

Dontay: Oh, yeah, it does! It has the 12V. That’s good for the accessories, when you got the kids in the back with a laptop or with something that needs to be charged. It’s like an actual wall plug in the truck. It’s like you don’t even have to have a cigarette lighter adapter!

It’s touchscreen. You can control your climate control from the touchscreen. So you can actually change the AC to heat and all of that from the actual screen. I thought that was nice. Then you got the hands-free phone-sync and all of that. So, you know, safe traveling. You don’t have to worry about trying to talk on the phone — hit the button, call. You can sync it up, talk to it, push a couple of buttons, and drive.

Four-wheel-drive, we mentioned before. That is one of the things on these FX4s. It has a good sound system. I played it, and it’s so loud! Like, the system here is nice! Real good, nice, clear. So I do like that.

The leather is nice, clean, gray leather. It’s got a pristine look. This is one of the newest trucks we have. But you got that space, you got the bedcover that a lot of people use and like. That also rolls open and closed, so you can always open it up if you want to get more room or put something taller in the bed; you always have that option, as well.

Do you feel how smooth this truck is driving, through?

Tiffany: Right.

Dontay: It’s like riding a couch or something down the street. I love it. It’s so smooth. This one right here, this is one of the other trucks that [Preston] bought. So with the half-tons, he tries to stick with the 4X4s, Preston does. And I love it. When I go to auction with him, we’re looking at trucks, we’re shooting for 4X4s as much as possible.  They’re good vehicles, and a lot of people want them. They’re just high demand. A lot of people in Oklahoma like 4X4s. Because of the different weather — we get three or four different seasons in one day here!

Tiffany: Exactly. That’s a plus.

Dontay: Having that 4X4 — a lot of people like it! Then you get some that don’t really need it, or to get 4X4 if makes them feel comfortable because at least they have it, even though they don’t ever need to use it. It’s good to know that you have that access. So that helps.

Special Financing

We offer vehicles like this — 2015; newer, nicer trucks; the stuff you don’t normally see on Buy Here Pay Here lots — and yet we still do it with special financing, where we don’t care about the credit. So that’s the best thing! So for our viewers out there, the people watching this video: your credit does not matter! Just because you don’t have a good credit score, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a nice truck or a nice vehicle, period, that you can call yours! Everyone that works hard, you deserve, when working hard, to have something that’s going to work as hard as you, or that’s going to be up to par and make you feel good for the money you spent.

That’s what we try to do here at Integrity — we’re going to put you in a vehicle, we don’t care about your credit score, it’s just based off income. So as long as you have good, steady income coming in, then you’re pretty much approved. It’s just the more you make, the more you’re approved for.


Dontay: So it’s pretty simple. Tiffany here is one of our sales assistants. I know you guys may have come in here before; for those of you who are current customers watching this video, you’ve seen her before. She’s showing vehicles on the lot left and right. We get customers who ask, “Are these new?!” But they’re actually used, they’re used vehicles; we just do a really good reconditioning. Our reconditioning department does an outstanding job — puts thousands of dollars into our inventory before we actually put it on the lot for our customers.  That alone stands us apart from the competition. And it’s why a lot of people come here to buy vehicles.

She’ll tell you, the credit scores we’re seeing — we don’t care. It doesn’t matter.

Tiffany: Come check us out.

Dontay: You gotta do it! Even if you go, and you’re interested in shopping other places, I get it! That’s what you’re supposed to do. A smart buyer is going to shop around. But we just want to make sure that before you make a decision to buy, you just come here first.

If you’re interested in this truck, or any of the trucks that we have, then you should definitely come on down ASAP. Or call the store.

Tiffany: 405-456-6235

Dontay: Give us a call, please. We’ll get you set up. We’ll answer the questions you have, get you set up with an appointment to come in. It’s a pretty simple, easy process.

Easy Financing

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