Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited

Take a test drive with Jeremy, Karla, and Riley in this slick, blue 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited!

Test Drive

Jeremy (Sales Associate): All right, guys!

Karla Banks (Sales): Super clean!

Jeremy: Welcome to Test Drive Tuesday, guys! You’ve got Jeremy; you’ve got Miss Karla; and we’ve got our newest sales rep, Riley, in the back. We’re test driving today this 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited. What do you all think of this one, guys?

Karla: The color is awesome! It’s super nice, super clean. I bet you could sell this today.

Fully Loaded

Riley: I like the door trim.

Jeremy: Yeah, it’s got the blackish door trim there. So, the Limited, guys — we’ve got the heated seats, I see; we’ve got the cold seats. So we’ve got the luxury there.

Riley: In the back you’ve got these little spring curtains.

Karla: That is so helpful for kids! It keeps the sun out of their eyes; that’s great!

Jeremy: You get those babies, it’s always good to keep the sun out of their eyes.

Riley: We’ve got heated seats in the back.

Jeremy: Oh, we’ve got heated back there, as well?

Riley: Yep.

Jeremy: Oh, man!

Karla: That’s fancy.

Jeremy: It is fancy, it is fancy.

Karla: Especially with the chrome accents on the outside. That looks really good. It makes this car look really clean.

Jeremy: Yeah, the Sonatas, they’re good economy cars because they’re full-size, they get all the room with the kiddos — you can get car seats in there. And still, the leg room. Riley’s, like, 6’2″ — you got plenty of room back there, Riley?

Riley: Yeah!

Jeremy: It’s nice and spacious.

Riley: It’s got the panoramic sunroof.

Jeremy: People like the sunroofs, man! You get the nice spring day, and you sit there and get just a little cool breeze going. And I noticed — I got to look at it a little before you guys did — this has got the navigation on it, so it’s going to get you where you need to go. It’s even got a spot, so if you’re out and — who knows where you’re at — if you need a restaurant, you can literally just click a button on there that says ‘restaurant’ and it’s going to find you whatever you need.

Karla: The technology is so awesome.

Riley: You’ve got a 12-volt plugin, air vents back here.

Jeremy: Yeah, you’ve got the USBs up here, as well. Plenty of plugins for your electronics, for the family.

Karla: We need that. Kids need their tablets charged all the time!

Jeremy: They do, guys. They do.

Karla: There’re two of them right here that you can plug in with the USB and the aux cord, as well, so you can listen to your tunes. We sell only top-of-the-line at Integrity Auto Finance, guys!

Jeremy: You’ve done test drives. Me and Dontay have done test drives. We brag about Preston all the time, about how he just finds us that top-quality vehicle. And, guys, it just relates to the cars, as well. You’ve seen the trucks; you’ve seen the inventory there. But the cars are the same. He finds something that you’re going to be proud to take home to your family and brag about.

Easy Financing

Jeremy: So, hey, Miss Karla. What do they need to do to get approved?

Karla: It’s so easy; we make it so easy on everybody. All you have to do is call me first — that’s first of all. Second of all, we do the application online. It’s really simple. And then we tell you exactly what you’re approved for, and you just make an appointment with me and come on in. It’s that easy!

Jeremy: It is that easy, guys. If you’re self-employed, we work with self-employed people, too. We get a lot of questions, as well, like “Do I have to be on my job for six months?” because we know a lot of them do require that. We can get you approved.

Karla: That’s how easy it is.