Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Lincoln Navigator

Take a test drive with Preston and Riley in this 2015 Lincoln Navigator!


Preston Miller (General Manager, Integrity Auto Service): Man, this is a nice one right here. Had that remote start going and the cooled seats are already turned on so it’s nice and cold in here.

Riley (Sales Associate): It’s nice. I like how the steering wheel comes out and adjusts.

Preston: Yeah, it’s got all kinds of features. Check this out. Hey, guys: happy Test Drive Tuesday, by the way. Riley and I, here, are driving this gorgeous 2015 Lincoln Navigator. It’s the L Model, so it’s got that extended room in the back. Yeah, check this out: instead of just the manual tilt (on the steering wheel), it’s got the electric tilt and telescoping steering wheel. So you can move it forwards, backwards, up, down,… and get it just where you want it. The seat moves up and down, forwards and backwards — it’s a seven-way seat. These gorgeous black leather seats,…

Riley: They’re comfortable, too.

Preston: They’re heated and cooled in the front. And you’ve got a bench seat in the middle; instead of buckets you’ve got a bench, which is big for those people that need the extra seat in the middle. They’re heated as well. And then you’ve got the third row, and this is a lot bigger than your Chevy Explorer or your smaller third-row. So you’ve got, like, a full-size seat in the back, you’ve got three shoulder belts — you can put three adults in the back seat of one of these; so you can haul the whole crew in this one. It’s a comfortable car, too. It’s a luxury SUV.

Riley: It’s already tinted, which is a plus.

Preston: Yeah, and it’s got the tint all the way around and a visor. It’s ready to go.

Riley: And the sunroof for the people that do like those. I know I like mine.

Preston: It’s 50/50 for some people. Some people see them as a nuisance; some people love them. I don’t mind them, either way. It’s got a big touchscreen stereo with the Ford Sync system on it. It’s got navigation, and you can control your heated and cooled seats and all your HVAC controls through the touchscreen. Your stereo, here: you’ve got AM/FM, satellite, SiriusXM, Bluetooth — you can hook your iPhone up to it and play your calls and your music off the touchscreen. So, all kinds of cool stuff. And, this being a Lincoln (Chevy does the Bose stereos), they do THX, so it’s got a THX-certified stereo. It’s got tweeters up here, nice speakers in the doors, and a little subwoofer in the back. It’s got the nice HiFi stereo sound. It’s got speakers everywhere.

Riley: And this is four-wheel-drive, too. I know that’s going to be a big plus for a lot of people with our expected Oklahoma weather we have.

Preston: That’s right. And the good thing about this one, too, is they make it easy: four-wheel-drive on the fly. You just push a button; you don’t have to turn any knobs or get out and lock any hubs in or anything. It’s a good one, something, if I’m just going down the road I can push that 4WD auto button and I’m good. I don’t have to worry about any slips or anything like that. It’s got wood grain all over the place — nice leather-wrapped steering wheel with wood grain here at the top. There’s wood grain in the center console.

Riley: And the exterior color is really nice.

Preston: Yeah, a nice metallic blue. It looks good in the sun; that metallic kind of shines up. You can fit the whole crew in this one, and it’s four-wheel-drive so it’ll keep them safe. It’s got Ford’s 3.5L EcoBoost twin turbo in it. It’s the same one they put in all the Ford F-150s. They’re fuel-efficient and have tons of power. And this one has just 123,000 miles, guys.

Riley: That’s not bad.

Preston: Not bad at all. It’s ready to go. We serviced it with a full-synthetic oil change. It’s got a brand new set of Michelin tires on the 20″ wheels and power folding steps on the outside. Guys, it’s loaded. I think it’s got every single option except for maybe the rear DVD players, which most people don’t use nowadays anyway because everybody’s got an iPad or an iPhone or whatever. It’s got everything you could want in an SUV, for sure.