Test Drive with Integrity: 2017 Chevy Silverado LT

Test Drive with Integrity: 2017 Chevy Silverado LT

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Daniel in this beautiful 2017 Chevy Silverado LT.


Jeremy Willhite (Sales Manager): All right, guys! Happy Test Drive Tuesday. You’ve got Jeremy and you’ve got Mr. Daniel with us — he’s our newest sales associate.

Daniel (Sales Associate): How’re you doing?!

Jeremy: Today, guys, we’re test driving this 2017 Chevy Silverado. It’s an LT package, so it’s got the nice leather seats in it, nice crew cab. It’s really nice, isn’t it, Daniel?

Daniel: Yeah, it’s very clean and spacious.

Jeremy: Yeah, Preston (our GM for service), he’s the one that does all the buying on these. He has outdone himself again with this nice one. And the best thing about this thing, Daniel, is it only has 86,000 miles on it. So, I mean, it’s low miles. So, right off the bat, I mean,…

Daniel: It’s in pretty good condition.

Fully-Loaded 4X4

Jeremy: Oh, it’s really good condition. You can tell: the seats don’t even look like they’ve been sat in — especially in the back. Whoever had this before, they did a really good job of taking care of it. We’ve got the touchscreen, heated seats, dual climate control. It is a 4X4, and, in Oklahoma, you get a lot of people wanting a 4X4. Oklahoma’s known for their red clay, so you don’t want to get out in the red clay and not have 4X4.

132-Point Inspection and Reconditioning Process

Man, this thing just drives so smooth. We do the full reconditioning and 132-point inspection. I think that’s the thing I love the most about our company is the fact that we don’t just buy one at auction and stick it out on the lot and just sell it, you know? The best way to describe it is that we want to sell somebody something that we’d sell our own family. So, this is definitely it, guys. You’ve got the console right here that will actually raise up for an extra seat, so if you needed to get six people in here you could easily do so. You’ve got more than enough places to hook in for your electronics, things like that. I haven’t seen anything I don’t like about this thing; it’s just beautiful.

We Love Doing Business with Self-Employed Customers

And it’s that nice 5.3L V8, so if you needed to hook on a trailer — say you were using it for work — there’s plenty of hauling power to hook on a little trailer or something. You guys out there who are self-employed and you have issues getting approved at other places — that’s our specialty, guys. It’s real easy to get approved with us. Again, all you’ve got to do, guys, is pick up that phone and give us a call at (405) 456-6235. Or you can go get approved online.



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