The Importance of Preventative Maintenance [video]

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance [video]

Regular, scheduled preventative maintenance is of the utmost importance when maintaining your vehicle’s overall health and longevity.


Preston Miller (General Manager, Integrity Auto Service): Vehicles are machines that must be maintained to perform properly. Neglecting vehicle service will ultimately lead to mechanical failure and a broken down vehicle. Believe me, nobody wants to keep paying for a car that’s not running. Fluids must be clean and topped off to keep your car running at its full potential. Every vehicle on the road will need servicing at some point, and we believe in doing our part to ensure that vehicle maintenance is as easy as possible for our customers.

Full-Synthetic Oil Changes

Preston: To start off, we take care of the first four oil changes. Our service technicians are trained to look for areas of preventative maintenance and will never try to sell you something that your car doesn’t really need. We use name-brand full-synthetic oil and high-quality oil filters because it really does make a difference. We are here for you. Feel free to give our Integrity Service Team a call with any questions or to setup an appointment for regular maintenance.

We’re Committed to Your Success

Matthew Tinsley (Finance Director): Hi, my name is Matthew and I’m the collections manager for Dealers Finance Co. We all know that life can throw you an unexpected curveball here or there. Life is hard enough without having to worry about your car breaking down. Our team is invested, just like you are, in making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained so it continues to perform to its fullest potential, as long as possible. By joining Team Integrity, you are putting our helpful service team in corner. We really are committed to making sure your auto loan is successful. If you need help with an unexpected repair down the road, just give me a call. As long as you’re doing your part by making on-time payments, respecting your vehicle, and performing scheduled maintenance, Team Integrity will always have your back.

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