Tips for Buying a Used Car

Tips for Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be an intimidating experience whether you’ve done it before or you’re a first timer. On one hand, you want an affordable vehicle that fits your budget; on the other hand, you’ve probably heard some stories about poor treatment from shady dealers. Not only is it essential that you get the vehicle you want but also that you are satisfied that you were treated right throughout your purchase experience. Here are several tips for buying a used car that can help you achieve your goals.

Put Down a Large Down Payment

While some buy here pay here dealers try to get you in the door by offering “no money down” or “99¢ down,” you will be much better served throughout the life of your loan if you can make a larger down payment on the vehicle. A larger down payment on your vehicle will effectively reduce the amount of your monthly car payments. This also means that the payoff on your car loan will be less. If you decide to replace your car in the next few years, possibly to trade up, you will have more equity in the vehicle if you can put down more in the beginning.

Know What You Want

When you shop for a used car, it can be tempting to let your eyes get bigger than your wallet. Instead of heading straight for the latest sports car or third-row SUV, check out the more affordable models instead. However, your growing family may need a third-row SUV — it all depends on what you actually need and can afford. Take a close look at your monthly budget before you go car shopping so that you know what you can afford and what you can’t. It also helps to approach the process with an open mind about some vehicles that you may not have previously considered. A vehicle not initially on your radar may turn out to be your perfect fit.

Buy a Reliable Used Car That Will Perform and Last

You will be much better off long-term if you put certain factors at the top of your list such as low miles, reliability, safety, and low maintenance costs. Search online on sites such as Car and Driver to learn which makes and models hold up the best over time. At Integrity, we pride ourselves on having the best, safest, and nicest vehicles. Each and every vehicle goes through a 132-point check before its available for sale.

Purchase a Real Service Plan

Even the most reliable used car can run into problems that you’ll need to repair out-of-pocket if you don’t make prior arrangements. Some other buy here pay here car dealers will try to sell you a service plan that ultimately doesn’t cover much, if anything. If you want real peace of mind, make sure you get a real service plan with your used vehicle.

Integrity offers a Heartland Service Plan approved and licensed by the state of Oklahoma Insurance Department. The plan covers the repair and replacement, including parts and labor, of vital systems such as the engine, transmission, electrical and fuel system, and the cooling and A/C system.

Buying any vehicle is a big commitment, but you can remove stress from the equation if you are educated and prepared. Follow these simple tips and you will have a more positive experience and will be sure to drive away happy in a used car that will bring you many miles of enjoyment.

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  1. Olivia Pearson

    I really appreciate how you mentioned that approaching the used car buying process with an open mind can help you find a car that, though not initially on your radar, turns out to be just what you were looking for. My son is going off to college in a few months, and we want to make sure he has a trustworthy used vehicle there to help him get around safely. I’m sure he’d benefit from looking for a used car with an open mind so that he can find a vehicle with all the aesthetic features he wants and all the safety features I want.

  2. Mark Murphy

    I really appreciate your tip to try and look at your monthly budget when you are looking for a new car so you can know what you can afford. My wife and I have been thinking of getting a new car so we can give our current car to our son for college. I will be sure to tell my wife that we should try and find a car dealer that can work with our monthly budget!

  3. Adrian Jones

    I like how you mentioned that looking through the used cars would be able to help you find a reliable one that’s built to perform and last despite you not being the first owner of the car in question. Reliability, maintenance costs, and safety all play a factor in selecting a car that–despite being sued–can and will outperform the best of newly-purchased cars if given the chance. While I don’t have plans on buying a car, what I would definitely recommend is that looking carefully through the used car pile is always a good idea since you’d be able to find a surprise gem or two in there.

  4. Jocelyn McDonald

    My sister really wants to buy a truck, and I suggested she look at used options. Your article had some great tips she could use regarding this, and I liked how you said to put down a large down payment, as this will effectively reduce the amount of monthly car payments. Thanks; I’ll share this with my sister to help her buy a used vehicle.

  5. car loans brisbane

    Putting a large amount of down payment will help you a lot in paying time as you will need less of amount of loan which means low interest rate which is most helpful during paying time of loan.

  6. Young Car Driver

    Really amazing article as it includes wonderful tips. I really like the way in which everything is explained. I had already 2 cars and now I am planning to buy a car but not a brand new. From recent few days, I am searching over the internet to collect information about the used cars. After reading this article, my research is complete. I would really like to appreciate you for this post. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  7. Sandra Patterson

    I like what you said about keeping an open mind when you are car shopping because some cars that you might not have considered could be a great fit. I am looking got to buy a used car soon, but I have a specific car that I know I like. Maybe I should work on changing my mind in case I can’t find the car that I want.

  8. Katie Wilson

    Thanks for these tips on how to find a good auto dealer. It would make sense to find out what you want before you choose an auto dealer. My husband and I are looking for an auto dealer, so we’ll have to check what we want first.

  9. Callum Palmer

    I’m looking for a newer car as mine is a bit old. I don’t have enough money for a brand new one but a used one should do me well. As you said, it would be a good idea to go with something reliable since you are planning to have the vehicle for quite some time.

  10. Shayla Cademis

    Thanks for the suggestion to make a larger down payment on a vehicle to effectively reduce the amount of my monthly car payments. My husband and I have been saving up for a while so we can purchase another car to make commuting easier on both of us. We’ve been saving for over a year, so we should be able to make a solid down payment. Hopefully we can find a great dealer to buy from in our local area!

  11. Jenna Hunter

    My sister is thinking about buying a used Nissan Altima. She would really like to get it from a professional. It was interesting to learn about how to buy a used car.

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