We are the Bank! [video]

We are the Bank! [video]


Narrator: Have you ever had a bad experience at a car dealer? Waiting and waiting all day to get approved is nerve-wracking and a waste of time. That won’t happen at Integrity. We are the bank. We approve you on-site without having to reach out to third-party finance companies.

Dianna: I buy all my cars at Integrity because the salesmen are not high-pressure, they’re very nice and cordial, the finance people are great and the service is terrific.

Richard: If you want to get haggled and lied to, go to another dealership. If you want to have the truth, go to Integrity and they’ll help you.

Preston Miller: Integrity is there for you. We have a full service center dedicated to service after the sales. We offer oil changes for just $14.95 for the entire life of your loan. We know you rely on your vehicle to get to work, get the kids to school and get you from point A to point B safely and reliably so you can live your life without having to worry about transportation.

Narrator: For three years, Integrity has been chosen as a “Best Place to Buy a Used Car.” One reason for this is our Heartland Service Plan that provides a true warranty after the sale. Our plan is approved and licensed by the state of Oklahoma Insurance Department, so you know it’s legitimate.

Preston Miller: Just because you buy a car here in Oklahoma City doesn’t mean you have to bring the car back to us for service. People go on vacation. You might move out of town, and you might need your car serviced. With our Heartland Service Plan, you can take your vehicle to any reputable service center in the country, no matter where you are.

Narrator: Integrity has got you covered.

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