Living Life with Integrity: Dawayne

Living Life with Integrity: Dawayne

Dawayne has had setbacks and challenges, but he never gave up and never stopped fighting. Hear how he has been living his life with Integrity.


Dawayne: I grew up without a father; my father is just now reconnecting in my life at 26, and we’re patching up on things. That’s one thing I always told myself: I would never not be in my kid’s life, by any means necessary. I fought from the beginning all the way until now. At times, I don’t even understand how I did it, but I just kept it pushing, kept it moving.

With Integrity helping us, it came about with “Oh, man. We’re not going to make a car payment because I had to take a trip.” But they worked with us. That’s the best thing, you know what I’m saying, that you could ever ask for in situations like that, because most people start to lose everything, you know? You never lose hope when you have a support system. It’s been a great experience to have that in our corner, because we were with another car dealership and they just *snap* took the car at the very beginning of this. And that was never the case with Integrity.

It’s the greatest accomplishment of my life, to go through what I went through in my personal life and be able to hold myself together to be a great father, a better father for her. It was a well-fought battle, but it was worth it.