Build Your Credit Score with Integrity

Build Your Credit Score with Integrity

Don’t let a less-than-perfect credit score hold you back when it comes to major purchases like buying a home. If you find yourself in a bad-credit situation, there are ways to improve it, and purchasing a vehicle can be a strategic step toward rebuilding your credit. Integrity offers solutions that not only get you into a car but also support your journey to better credit.

Start by Reviewing Your Credit Report

Knowing where you stand is crucial. You can obtain a free credit report annually from Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian via It’s common to uncover errors that negatively impact your score. Dispute these errors with the respective credit bureau for resolution. Keep in mind that each bureau operates independently, so expect variations in your reports.

Bad Credit? No Problem!

While many dealers shy away from customers with poor credit, Integrity Auto Finance welcomes all applicants, regardless of credit history. Instead of focusing solely on your credit score, we assess your monthly income, making it easier for self-employed individuals to secure financing.

Credit Reporting Matters

For your car loan payments to affect your credit score positively, you need a dealer that reports to all three credit bureaus. Unlike many Buy Here Pay Here dealerships that may not report at all or report selectively to cut costs, Integrity Auto Finance reports to all three bureaus. This ensures that your timely payments contribute to rebuilding your credit.

Stay On Top of Payments

To avoid damaging your credit further, prioritize timely payments. Here are some tips to help:

Align Payments with Paydays

Schedule payments around your income schedule, whether monthly or bi-weekly, to ease financial strain.

Opt for AutoPay

Enroll in our AutoPay program to automate payments, reducing the risk of missed deadlines. Plus, earn AutoPay Rewards each month for added benefits like discounts on oil changes and repairs.

Remember, Bad Credit Isn’t Forever

Rebuilding your credit takes time, but consistent, on-time payments toward a car loan can significantly improve your creditworthiness. Don’t let bad credit deter you; reach out to Integrity today to start your journey toward financial recovery.

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