Living Life with Integrity: Kris

Living Life with Integrity: Kris

Kris had a very unique experience with Integrity. Hear him tell his story.


Dontay Pompey (General Manager): Here at Integrity, we keep your best interests at heart. For example, I just had a customer come in with an outstanding credit score, and check out what we did for him.

Kris: We went to different auto places and we tried to look for cars. We couldn’t get him into a car because he had repossessions on him, so I told him I’d cosign for him if I could to help him out. At the same time I was cosigning, I thought about it and I was like, “Yeah, why don’t I try to purchase a car from here, too?”

Dontay had already run my credit. Dontay was totally honest with it. Because my credit score is good, he told me to go to a dealership. Nobody does what he did. That never happens, but it happened here. He had my best interests at heart. So, even though I could’ve gotten a car from here, he wanted to help me out by saying no. And, because Integrity and Dontay did that, that shows me how honest this car company is.