Living Life with Integrity: Lateisha

Living Life with Integrity: Lateisha

When Lateisha totaled her previous vehicle, she was in danger of losing her jobs and her income. Integrity worked with her to ensure that she got into something else and was able to keep her jobs.


Lateisha: The car I had before this — I had a 2006 Jeep Commander — and I completely totaled it. I work five, six jobs; I work a lot of jobs; I work all the time. So, I would have lost my job, lost my income. I probably would have cried a little bit.

I’m really grateful that they are here and always have been. It was completely shocking; I was happy and grateful, and, honestly, I recommend everybody to Integrity because they’re really, really, really genuine people. They’re not like fake genuine, they’re genuine genuine people.

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