Living Life with Integrity – Mariah & Josh

Living Life with Integrity – Mariah & Josh

Mariah and Josh love their vehicle from Integrity. They talk about their experience and why this vehicle is the perfect one for their specific needs.


Mariah: Well, I have a very, very busy schedule. I live in Norman, I work in Edmond, and I work Monday through Friday, pretty much open to close. So, I don’t have a whole lot of time to car shop; I don’t have 3-4 hours to dedicate to being inside a dealership. The salesman that I got fabulous. He was able to communicate with me via text message and phone calls up until it was time to test drive and sign, and it was probably the best, less-stressed experience I have ever had in my entire life of buying a vehicle.

Josh: I was trying to go my whole life without ever owning a Ford, ever. She actually had to talk me into the first one, but, at the end of the day, what she wants is most important. I had Chevrolets my whole life. She brings home the Ford Edge and I just fell in love. It was comfy. You know, we needed something a little big bigger than basic two-door truck or the little car we used to have, because we have children and we have grandkids, and this is just perfect. It had so many things that none of my Chevys ever had, so I’ve been kind of converted, I guess you would say. If you take a look at me, I’m not exactly a small person, so we needed something that could handle my weight. This vehicle, itself, has been able to carry around quite a few heavy things in it, and it seems to get the job done and everything.

It’s hard sometimes walking around with two World Heavyweight Championships the way I do. This was kind of a deciding factor. I said, “Hey, honey, when you get this car, where am I gonna put all this gold?”

Mariah: Integrity has been a lifesaver for us when not only we needed to establish a first vehicle for ourselves, but when we went through a situation and Integrity took the most stressful, chaotic moment that we’ve had to deal with forever, and they literally just took all the weight all of us and they said, “We’ve got you. We’re going to take care of you, and we’ll make sure that you come out on top.”

From the time that I drove off the lot, I got a text message the next day, “Hey, how did you enjoy your first day of your new car?” Oh my gosh! Not only was that fabulous to have someone even check in on us, but I had an outstanding reply because it was just phenomenal. I absolutely enjoyed the first day of my new car and it was the nicest car we had ever had to date. It was just wonderful.