My Integrity Story: Misty

My Integrity Story: Misty

Meet Misty: a repeat customer who loves her vehicle. Part of our ongoing “My Integrity Story” customer spotlight series.


Misty: A car’s very important. If you don’t have a vehicle, you can’t get around. Especially where I live — I’m in the country, twenty, thirty miles from town — so you have to have a vehicle if you want to be able to get to work, get to the store, or do anything.

Integrity, twice, has been right there. I couldn’t get a car anywhere else because of my credit. And that was one thing that they told me: “We will tell the credit bureau every month. Every time you make a payment, they’re notified. So we’re trying to build your credit; we’re trying to help you out and get you back on your feet.”

So, without Integrity, I wouldn’t have a vehicle right now. Integrity has been amazing, and anytime I’ve had a problem, they’ve been right there to help me. If I didn’t have the money, they were right there to help me figure out how to get it financed or whatever I needed to do to make sure that it was fixed and proper before I even left the service center. Because if your car doesn’t start when you go out there in the morning, then you’re stranded. You have no way to go work.

I’ve had people ask me, “Integrity? What’s Integrity? Why do you have ‘Integrity’ all over your car?” I say, “Well, that’s where I purchased my vehicle.” And then I let them know, if you’ve got bad credit, they’ll help you establish your credit.

It is a good feeling to know that I have an extended family, that I’m taken care of, that they care about me, and they care about my finances. They care about if I’m having problems, call them and let them know. They’re just really down-to-earth, some of the best people that I’ve ever met in my entire life, and I recommend them to anybody out there.

Easy Financing

Bad credit? No credit? No problem! Here at Integrity, we want to help get you into your next vehicle, and help you rebuild your credit at the same time.

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