Full Reconditioning: Ford F-550 (Part 1) [video]

Full Reconditioning: Ford F-550 (Part 1) [video]

At Integrity Auto Finance, we put each and every vehicle on our lot through a rigorous 132-point inspection and reconditioning process before it is available for sale. What exactly does that mean? Check out the video below to see what exactly goes into reconditioning this gigantic Ford F-550.


Bob McCaslin (Integrity Auto Service – Recon Shop Foreman): Welcome back to the Integrity reconditioning shop. I’m Bob, the shop manager here. Today, in our shop, we have this big, beautiful Ford F-550. We call this thing our firetruck because of the giant, massive size of it with that long bed and that crew crab — it really reminds us of one.

Heavy-Duty Work Trucks

We’ve been starting to buy a lot more of these heavy-duty trucks because we’ve found that they’re in really high demand right now. We’re bringing in gas options and diesel options for everybody.

132-Point Inspection

We started the inspection process on this truck here today. With that we noticed some things, such as the steering gear — it has an excessive amount of play in it. We’re going to go ahead and get that replaced because, at times, it really feels like the truck wants to kind of wander around the road. Replacing that will take up that slack and will fix that issue.

A couple of other things that we noticed on this truck that we’re going to go ahead and take care of — in the past, somebody went ahead and refinished this flatbed, and they didn’t do a very great job. So, we’re going to go ahead and completely strip this down have it redone.

Another thing that we noticed — these tires back here are completely worn out. We’re going to go ahead and replace all of these tires and get a nice new match set on there for years of long service.

With our inspection process here, we actually check over everything. We don’t even skimp on the teeny little things, like this mirror right here — somebody’s tried to tape over a whole that we found in it. So, we’re going to actually go ahead and replace this, because this right here, that just looks horrible, and we’re not going to let that go.

For more about our inspection process, click here.

Bob McCaslin: Here, we’re stripping down this bed today, and as you can see, this rust is pretty deep. We started with the hand-sanding and the wire brushes, and it just wasn’t quite cutting it. So we’re going to go ahead and get a sandblaster on this and we’re going to strip this down. We noticed a little bit of pitting and everything. The sandblasting is really going to get in there and clean all that out and get the surface ready for the new coat. This old coat’s so inferior, there are parts that I can just scratch off with my fingernail.

Stay tuned and check back with me as I get the sandblasting and get the surface ready for the new coating.