Living Life with Integrity: Allen

Living Life with Integrity: Allen


Allen: Nothing on the ranch would work without the truck. You’ve got to have a big truck out here — pulling trailers, hauling feed, hauling hay; it’s just part of the family. I couldn’t go rope if I didn’t have the horse; I wouldn’t be able to go rope if I had the horse and didn’t have the truck. So there ain’t one any more important than the other. It’s all got to work like dominos.

My wife had a heart attack. My other truck, the rear end went out of it. So money was kind of tough, financing was kind of tough. I come across the folks at Integrity, and, man, they jumped right in there.

They worked with us. They communicated with me very well. They didn’t pressure me, by no means. They didn’t do nothing but help me. I showed them what I made every month, and in just the matter of a day, they had me the truck I needed. I got an F-250. It’s low miles; it had the 6.7L Powerstroke in it. It was just rigged up perfect for what I needed.

I didn’t know if I could afford it or not. I’m not a rich man, by no means. All my money’s invested here. Rodeo life, horse life, it’s not cheap. A lot of people perceive that if you’ve got horses and you rope or you rodeo or ride bulls or whatever, you’re a rich man. You’re not. Fuel’s high; feed’s high; hay’s $200 a bale right now because of the drought. You’re not rich, by no means. All your money goes back into that.

Anybody that’s out here looking for a vehicle, you need to check Integrity out. First of all, you’re going to love the atmosphere. They’re just people! They ain’t there trying to get rich off of you. They’re just there to help you. They want to see you succeed; they want to see you driving their vehicle. You ain’t gonna find any better service; you ain’t gonna find any better people. If something did happen to it, you ain’t gonna just be that number — they’re gonna get onto it. So it’s really stress-free on that. And if you’re that guy that ain’t got a lot of money, credit ain’t the best, if anybody’s gonna get you in a vehicle, it’s gonna be them. I know firsthand.

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