Integrity Test Drive: Hummer H2 [video]

Integrity Test Drive: Hummer H2 [video]

Go on a test drive in this beautiful Hummer H2 — fully reconditioned with under 100,000 miles!


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Check this big boy out!

Jeremy (Sales): This one’s looking good, right here!

Dontay: Well, I told you, Jeremy. We just keep bringing them out. I know you just got with us — haven’t been with us too long. But you’ve definitely been with us long enough to see all the inventory items come out and how ours are a lot nicer and newer.

Jeremy: Absolutely.

Dontay: We do things to the vehicles before they actually hit the lot.

Jeremy: Right.

Dontay: Instead of taking someone’s trade-in that they didn’t want and just throwing it out — washing it and putting some gas in it, maybe.

Jeremy: Right.

Dontay: We don’t do that. We actually take real good care of our vehicles before they hit the lot and, actually, after the customer gets into it, as well. This one here, we got the Hummer H2. This is the big boy.

Jeremy: This is the big boy.

Dontay: It has a little extra carriages up here — both sunglasses carriages and whatnot. More storage space. This is definitely a vehicle for somebody who likes sitting high up. Got that good ‘ol leather!

Jeremy: Gotta love the leather! It always is nice.

Dontay: And this one actually has the low miles, too — only 94,000 miles! That’s definitely a good steal, under 100,000 miles on that.

Jeremy: And for any Sooner fans out there, it’s crimson with some chrome — ready to go!

Dontay: Right? It’s already that color! Aftermarket radio. Pioneer touchscreen.

Jeremy: I see we got the Bose stereo system in here, too.

Dontay: Which, I’m a big fan of the Bose system.

Jeremy: Oh, absolutely.

Dontay: This is one of those, if you like sitting high up, you know what I mean — it’s almost like “king of the world!” I like to ride up high. I actually feel a little safer when I drive up high. The back has the fifth wheel on the back; it matches the full size — full size spare. XD wheels. It’s got all that space in the backseat. Jeremy, just go ahead and let them know, if anyone’s interested in coming here and getting a Hummer or any vehicle on our lot, what’s the first step they need to do?

Jeremy: The first step: you can call the dealership at (405) 456-6235 and talk to Karla or myself. We’ll get you taken care of. Or, get on the internet, find us on, put in an inquiry, and we’ll give you a call.

Dontay: It’s as simple as that. And for those of you guys that live hours away, you definitely want to go online and fill out an inquiry — let us call you. Let us see ways we can help you since you’re far away. Time is precious; we don’t want to waste your time at all. Fill it out, let us knows, we have many ways to help people. As long as you have steady income coming in, you’re pretty much approved. The more you make, the more you’re approved for.



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