Living Life with Integrity: Dawn

Living Life with Integrity: Dawn

After a bad car accident, Dawn was looking for something safe and reliable to get her to and from her doctors appointments and her job.


Dawn: I’m a park ranger at Lake Thunderbird, and, on April 27th, I was driving down Highway 9 and was struck by a drunk driver, which rolled my vehicle. Presently, I’m being treated for ruptured discs in my neck and on my back, and my shoulder is torn up, and probably awaiting surgery. So, it kind of messed my life plans up because I wasn’t planning on being off work.

Living in a Rural Area

I actually live out in a rural area, out in Newalla, so there are no bus stations and I can’t get around without a vehicle. And all my doctors are in Oklahoma City and in Norman.

I do a lot of hauling, and I thought that an SUV would be the perfect mixture — I can always lay the seats down if I need to haul something. It has the tow feature on it so I can actually pull a trailer or whatever I need. And it is big and sturdy, and, working at the lake, I have to drive to work in all types of weather. And I know that it’ll get me there, to and from.

Don’t Worry About Your Credit

I had been shopping for a while, trying to find a vehicle, but my plans kind of changed a few years ago when my husband passed away and I got deep in medical debt. My credit’s not the best. Integrity saved my life.