Living Life with Integrity: Adrian

Living Life with Integrity: Adrian

Adrian uses his truck to get to and from work. He takes pride in it, and his son, Adrian Jr., loves it!


Adrian: It’s my dream vehicle; I’ve always wanted a four-door vehicle — a truck with loud pipes. I always wanted that, because I always say, “I want something to talk back to me.” That’s what I always say when it starts up, “Just talk to me.”

I was in an accident before I had this vehicle, and I had got into an accident where I still had to find how I’m going to get back to work. Once I got a chance to talk to Integrity again about my situation, they knew how my injuries were bad. And once they got me into this vehicle, I fell in love with it. And then after that, it was like we had a good communication.

It gets me, my family, everywhere. I work every day, so where I work at — from here all the way across town — doing security, it does a lot. I love it.