Living Life with Integrity: Keith and Rochelle

Living Life with Integrity: Keith and Rochelle

Keith and his mom, Rochelle, both purchased vehicles with Integrity. They both take incredible pride in their vehicles.


Keith: It’s a nice car; I love it. It drives very well. It’s good on gas, and Integrity helped me get out there and get in a vehicle. I found out about Integrity through my mother; she had bought a car from them previously. Actually, she had bought a few cars from them previously.

Rochelle: I’m a culinary manager at a memory care unit. Pretty much, that’s all I’ve done all my life was work with the elderly, so I guess it’s probably my calling. I have nine grandkids; I have to take my mom to and from her doctor’s appointments; I have to get to and from work. I actually go from one building to the next with my current job now, so, I mean, without transportation, where would I be?

What I like most about it is the color — it’s a clay blue and it’s not often that you see that color. But, it rides good. I haven’t had any problems out of it at all. I mean, you couldn’t ask for a better car.

Keith: There are a lot of car lots who way that they’re going to take care of you, and then, you know, they don’t deliver on that promise. With Integrity, there were a few things that could have held me back, and, you know, they made sure that I was taken care of. They’ve been in contact with me ever since I got the car. That shows that they really do value their customers, and they don’t treat you just like another customer — they actually treat you somewhat as family.

Rochelle: I’ve actually paid one car off. Sierra, Keith, and I each have a current car with Integrity, and we’re just looking to the future for getting more. I enjoy that company.