Living Life with Integrity: Krystina

Living Life with Integrity: Krystina

Krystina relies on her van for everything. When her transmission unexpected went out, Integrity stepped in to help her and keep her in the vehicle.


Krystina: I’ve got a Nissan Quest and I love it to death. It has plenty of room; it’s spacious, you know. We go back and forth to work; we go to school, vacations. We go, as you see, to the park. I mean, we’re always on the go, so we needed it. It gets us there — from A to B to C to D!

My ‘check engine’ light came on. I’m thinking, wow, I’m scared to call my husband because I was afraid I did something. It was my transmission! I called Integrity, and Integrity told me, “Look, I understand you’re behind on your payments,” because I was — I was a couple of weeks behind. But, they helped me with that and they also helped me with my transmission so that I wouldn’t have to give my car up, because they knew how important it was for me to have my car with all my kids and everything that was going on.

I’ve been in that nightmare where I haven’t had a car and I’ve had to walk — walk to work, walk from work. So, I have to have my own car, because me and GPS, we get along just fine!

We’re safe, we’re closed in together and we don’t have to worry about the corona virus; we don’t have to worry about all the stuff that’s going around, you know. And we are just in our own little bubble, and that bubble’s big enough just for us. And that car, it helps.

They have integrity for their people, so I see why they call themselves Integrity, and I love them for it.