My Integrity Story: Alvin

My Integrity Story: Alvin

Alvin has seen his fair share of hard times. Before Integrity, he walked or rode the bus for transportation. Now, he loves his truck!


Alvin: Before I got into a truck, I used to get around on feet and riding mass trans. And now that I got the truck, I don’t have to wait around.

I used to be an alcoholic, and now that I’ve been free from alcohol for about fifteen years now, I try to give some advice on how to quit drinking and using drugs, you know. You can change if you want to, you just got to put your mind to it, you know? It’s a mind thing, and sometimes, you know, it’s all about really getting yourself back together, you know?

People said, “You came a mighty long ways,” you know, and, “Look at you!” And they tell me, they say, “I can’t believe you came this far. If anybody deserves a vehicle, you’re the one that deserves a vehicle, you know?” Now that I got this vehicle, they say, “That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I love to see now.”

I just love being in my truck. I just love being in it.