My Integrity Story: Patrick

My Integrity Story: Patrick


Patrick: This truck, here, is a must in my business! I can’t move horses; I can’t go get feed; I can’t haul material for my jobs. Without a truck, you can’t get nothing done.

I had seven months of chemotherapy, plus the time off for surgery and everything, so it was a big change of life because I was running over the road running pilot car and hot shot. And, due to the colon cancer, it took me off the road and I had to change my whole lifestyle, my whole business — everything had to change.

A lot of lots don’t carry this caliber of a truck. They don’t carry the 3/4-ton; they don’t carry the diesels; they don’t carry the one-tons and things along that line, where Integrity does carry those. Integrity is the right name for them, because that’s the way they operate. They’re honest with you; they’re upfront with you. They tell you what they can do, what they can’t do. And they’re just straight-forward. And that’s the kind of person I am, and that meant a lot to me. They found what I was looking for and within my price range where it wouldn’t be over my head. Because, there were some struggles, and with everything I’d been through, it put me in a bad situation.

And they got me back to work, back to where I could take care of my animals and do things that I had to do. You know, we’re starting to get back to what resembles a normal life again. And that means a lot.