My Integrity Story: Preston

My Integrity Story: Preston

Preston lives in a rural area and uses his truck for everything — family, outdoor activities, work. Check out his experience with Integrity Trucks.


Preston: Well, we live here in McCloud. And this is more of a rural area; we’re not in the big cities like they are out in Oklahoma City and whatnot. The lake’s just right down the road. It’s more dirt roads around here than it is paved roads. Like, the paved roads that you see, that’s very few and far between. So, there’s a lot of rough driving. Trucks work really well for that.

Integrity showed me what they had on their lot, and they gave me choices. And I chose the best possible one I could for what I do. They were fair to me; I’ve never had an issue with them. This is my second truck I’ve had with them. Life is… it’s exciting with a truck just because I can do anything I want to do in it. I can haul whatever I want to.

Having a truck, it works for family really well. It’s a lot of space, a lot of room. You know, we got two or three dogs, one daughter, kid on the way, car seats,… I mean, unlimited room. I do outdoor activities — hunt, fish, you know. I do handyman stuff, haul mail. It’s my whole life. I use a truck for everything.