March Madness [video]

March Madness [video]

If you’re looking for a big truck, you’ve come to the right place. Integrity is having their March Madness sale, where we’ve marked down our overstocked 3/4-ton trucks, diesel trucks, and Hummers. Check out the video below.


Preston Miller (General Manager): Hey, guys! Here at Integrity Auto Finance, we have a unique issue, and that is we are overstocked on big trucks, including these two awesome Hummers. The boss said we’ve got to move them, so now is the perfect time to come down and buy.

It’s March Madness, at Integrity!

We’ve got the best selection of pre-owned trucks:

  • half-ton
  • 3/4-ton
  • one-ton
  • four-wheel-drives
  • lifted trucks
  • lowered trucks
  • and we’ve even got diesel flatbeds!

Special Financing available!

Now is the perfect time to buy. Come take advantage of our March Madness sale. Only at Integrity!

Special Financing

Bad credit? No credit? No problem! Don’t worry about your credit score — we are the bank at Integrity. At Integrity Auto Finance, our underwriting software tailors your APR and the underwriting process to your unique situation. Regardless of your credit score, we can help get you into your next vehicle. We provide quick and easy financing with no hassle, no pressure, and affordable payments.

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  1. Johnny calhoun

    I’m in search of a hummer h2 what do you have and can you tell me down and monthly payments and maybe some pictures

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