Rebuilding Your Credit with a Car Loan [video]

Rebuilding Your Credit with a Car Loan


Narrator: Beware of dealers who sell you a car using a spot delivery agreement. That means they haven’t really gotten you financed yet and even though you drive away with the vehicle, the dealer can come get it back if they are unable to get you financed. Not a problem at Integrity. We are the bank. When we say you’re approved, you are approved. We follow the golden rule, and we will treat you the way you want to be treated. That is the Integrity family way.

Karla Banks: Looking for something sporty for your new ride? We carefully select each one of these vehicles, and they don’t last long. Hurry over and test drive for yourself. There’s nothing like driving one of these beauties.

Narrator: Making your payments on a car loan is a great way to help you establish or rebuild your credit. Integrity reports to all three credit bureaus, providing the best credit reporting coverage we can give you. You’re not going to find that at most other Buy Here Pay Here dealers. Integrity is committed to your success.

Anita: This will be my third car with Integrity. I got my first car here, turned around a year and a half later got my husband’s truck. Came back in today and am trading in my Chrysler for my new Ford.

Lisa: I would definitely recommend Integrity to my friends. This is my third vehicle from them. I mean, that says a lot to keep coming back to the same place.

Karla Banks: Your success is Integrity’s success. We’ll help you structure a loan payment plan that works within your budget. We want to see you be successful in your loan with payments you can afford.

Dontay Pompey: When you purchase a vehicle here at Integrity Auto Finance, we offer a $14.95 oil change throughout the life of the loan. Our oil changes come with a free inspection. We’re going to check air filters, top off fluids, we want to help your vehicle run smoothly, keep you safe and on the road. Now that’s Integrity.

Preston Miller: I’ve been in the car business my whole life, and I believe that Integrity Auto Finance has the best quality reconditioned vehicles on the market. I’m not going to put a vehicle on the sales lot that I wouldn’t put my own family in. Here at Integrity, we strive to deliver the best possible vehicles to our customers. We have this in mind all the way down to our buying process.

When acquiring vehicles to be placed into our inventory, we try to find vehicles that have been well maintained, vehicles that haven’t been in any major wrecks or have any serious hail damage. We avoid vehicles that mechanically have had a bad track record. We look for vehicles that are popular, easy to maintain, and will mechanically last for as long as possible. Every vehicle must pass our 132 point inspection before it’s available for sale.

For example, we make sure the brakes and tires are good. We check the suspension and steering. We check for any fluid leaks. We check the seat belts and airbags. We check for engine lights and other trouble codes. If we find these issues or even potential issues, we fix them so they aren’t a headache for the customer down the road.

The Heartland Service Plan is designed to work for the customer and their best interest. It’s not a marketing ploy like others that you may find in this industry. Basically, the Heartland Service Plan covers the main components on your vehicle, like the engine, transmission, and drive-train. But it also covers other repairs that we have found to be common in used vehicles. Such as fuel pumps, starters and alternators, and the engine cooling system. We believe in our service plan so much that we had it licensed by the state of Oklahoma.

Another great thing about the Heartland Service Plan is that is can be used anywhere. If you want to use your own trusted repair facility, that’s fine. If you’re out of town and have service issues, it’s not a problem, the Heartland Service Plan has you covered. Integrity, it’s more than a name, it’s who we are.

Narrator:  Why would you buy a car that you know nothing about? Here at Integrity, we take things to the next level by giving you a free AutoCheck vehicle history report. It tells you how many owners the car has had, whether it has been in a reported accident, and where it has been titled – things you need to know about your vehicle.

Some dealers sell nice looking vehicles that have been in a serious accident. Integrity provides a free AutoCheck, so you know you are getting a good title and a good vehicle. Don’t buy a car without knowing all the facts.

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