Preston Miller: Are you looking for a vehicle equipped to handle a large family? Here at Integrity Auto Finance, we have vehicles that will fit any family size. Whether you need a two-seater car, something that’s four doors and you can put four or five people in or maybe you have a family that has seven people and you need a third row SUV. Here at Integrity, we have a vehicle to fit every family.

Tosha: Kids are getting bigger. I have three children, so I needed the room, needed that third row. That helps out. Kids are growing, they’re in sports, so all of that extra room made a big difference. If you’re looking for a car, just come sit down and talk to them.

Howard: Come here first, before you go anywhere else because this is the place to be. You’re getting a family environment, nobody pushes you, nobody rushes you and they give you exactly what you asked for.

Dontay Pompey: Hurry-up and bust a move and get on over to and check out our high-quality inventory, hundreds of customer testimonials and don’t forget, fill out that application for quick and easy financing.

Narrator: Our mission is to help Oklahomans get into their next vehicle. Bad credit? No credit? No problem. We’ll work to get you in the vehicle you want with payments you can afford.

Kelly: Coming here, coming to Integrity Auto, they are willing to give you a chance when no one else is willing to give you a chance. You’re going to get a lot of rejections, and you’re tired of hearing it.

Marcus & Princella: Sometime when you struggle with negative credit, you feel like you have to accept anything. Well, you don’t. You don’t have to accept anything. You’re still a person with dignity and you still can correct your credit, but in that time while you’re doing it, you don’t have to settle for anything. You can still have Integrity. That’s why we’re here. We’re treated like people. Human beings. That goes a lot further than a lot of things in life.

Narrator: We have cars specifically selected for their luxury, reliability, and style. Our customers love Kia Optima, official car of the NBA. We stock the very best that GM has to offer: Chevy Malibus, Impalas, and Cruzes. This stylish Buick Lacrosse has made it a must-have brand.

Dontay Pompey: We have a 2012 Buick Lacrosse. You talking luxury, we got it, folks. Leather in the inside, it’s champagne-colored leather at that, with this pearl white outside, chrome accents. You gotta love it. Leather, heated seats as well. It has a sunroof in the front seat, moonroof in the back seat. You talking about stylish, guys, now Buick, they’ve stepped up and we had to get them as well. Come down here to Integrity Auto Finance off I-35 Service Road and get your Buick today.

Narrator: We have Fords, Toyota Camrys, Nissan Altimas, Honda Accords, Honda Civics, Mazda, and Hyundai. If you’re in the market for a vehicle, you’ve got to come by Integrity Auto Finance to check out our cars. Visit us online at or come by in person at 3333 South I-35 Service Road on the West side of I-35 between SE 29th and Grand Blvd.