Test Drive with Integrity – 2011 Ford F-250 Lariat [video]

Test Drive with Integrity – 2011 Ford F-250 Lariat [video]


Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): I wanted to show you this one because I’m proud of this one! This is a sweet truck, man!

This is a 2011 Ford F-250. It’s a Lariat, so it’s loaded! It’s got real nice black and — it looks almost like snakeskin — and different colored leather in the seat. Two-toned leather! You’ve got your sunroof, four-wheel drive, it’s got a lift kit on it, XD 20″ wheels with 35″ mud terrain tires. And the best thing about this truck? It’s bright red!

Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): You don’t find many Lariats in that color.

Preston Miller: That’s true! A lot of Lariat trucks are more of a luxury package so you’d find them in pearl white and black,… and you find them in green.

Dontay Pompey: It just kills me to get this luxury out of these work trucks. You just keep doing it! You keep pulling these work trucks that are still luxury — this is better than my Escalade inside! And it’s a work truck!

Preston Miller: You got a guy who might work in the oil field who needs a truck to get down to the rig or to pull a diesel tank or whatever, but they don’t want to drive a roll-up window, plain old work truck. They want something nice because they work hard and they make good money, and they want something that they will enjoy driving.

Dontay Pompey: And that’s the part we see every day — the inside!

Preston Miller: As far as interior features, it’s got heated and cooled seats. I turned your cool seat on; did you feel that?! It’s kind of warm outside. It’s got navigation; it’s got all of your Bluetooth connections, satellite radio, all that fun stuff. It’s got a power sliding back window. It’s got a Peragon bed cover, and it’s painted to match. It’s one of the sliding bed covers; it’s got a lock on it. It’s weatherproof — you can throw your tools back there, lock it, and not worry about anyone taking your stuff in a parking lot somewhere.

It’s got a backup camera. It’s got everything!

Dontay Pompey: This is a 6.7L Powerstroke!

Preston Miller: We’ve done really well with them. Powerstroke are really good motors; they’re a lot better than the old 6-liters and 6.4-liters that had so many problems. We’ve been doing really good with the 6.7L.

Dontay Pompey: It’s making it really easy with us being one of the only Buy Here Pay Heres with these diesel trucks. They go quick! Once we show the inside of this, it’s gonna go quick! It’ll probably last on the lot, at most, a week, like most of our 3/4-ton and 4×4 trucks.

Preston Miller: They go quick! And I like buying these trucks because they’re fun for me to buy, and they’re good for the guys in the shop to work on because they’re lifted, they have big tires and wheels, they look good. They’re not only fun to drive, but they’re fun for the mechanics to work on and get ready. They add on nice splash of color to the lot to make everything look good.

Dontay Pompey: Moneymakers! Moneymakers! Keep ’em coming! This one has auxiliary and USB port!

Preston Miller: It’s got everything — factory trailer brakes, four-wheel drive, sync system. It’s got it all!

The tires that are on it — the 35″ Diesel Brothers tires, from the TV show., they’re brand-spankin’-new. I just put them on, they’ve got about six miles on them! They’re brand new!

We’ve done all the service on it — oil change, everything that needed to be done on it.

Dontay Pompey: That’s one of the main concerns of the customers I’ve been selling to. They want something that will, at least, when they get in it, they won’t have to worry about doing any sudden or urgent maintenance. For you not to have to deal with it for a while.

Preston Miller: These big tires are expensive. You might go and spend $1500-2000 on a set of these 35″ tires. Why would you want to go by a truck and then have to go spend thousands of dollars on accessories and tires and stuff like that out of pocket? All of these guys that are buying these trucks in the oil field are going to hop in they’re going straight to Texas. Or they’re going straight to West Virginia or wherever. We want to service them right and make sure they’re not going to have a check engine light come on or they’ll have to pull over and fix a flat tire or whatever on the road.

Dontay Pompey: It makes it a lot easier on us, to stand behind the product and feel comfortable. When I’m selling it, when I know we’re getting vehicles that are made to last long. You’re actually going through and choosing certain ones that you know have a good history. You’re checking AutoChecks before you even bring them to the lot. It’s so much easier to sell a product when you can actually stand behind it and have that belief in it.


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