Test Drive with Integrity: 2013 Ford Edge

Test Drive with Integrity: 2013 Ford Edge

Take a test drive with Jeremy and Tiffany in this black 2013 Ford Edge.


Jeremy (Sales Associate): Another nice vehicle! Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody!

Tiffany (Sales): Happy Test Drive Tuesday!

Jeremy: So, we’ve got a 2013 Ford Edge Sport here, Tiff. This thing is loaded out, guys! For us tall guys, we’ve got to adjust our seats, here. All right, let’s see… we’ve got our backup cam here. And in today’s world, everybody wants the backup camera. Looks like we’ve got heated seats.

Tiffany: A big widescreen for the backup cam, too.

Jeremy: You see a lot of the backup cams now, and they have gone to kind of the wider screens and everything like that. I remember I use to have one up on the window that was tiny. It does kind of give those people who have worse eyes then some of the rest of us, you know, that big wide screen that they need. So, I’ll tell you what, though, this thing is super nice. It is loaded out.

Tiffany: Smooth ride. Already, I can feel it.

Jeremy: Absolutely. I know some of you guys saw the test drive video with the white Ford sport that we did, and we’ve actually already gotten rid of that one. We sold that, I think it was this past week. And so, we tell you guys they don’t last long on the lot and they do not. The greatest thing, though, is buying something that you like and that you’re proud of. Something that you’re happy to take to your family and say, “Hey, man, look what I got. Look what I got.

You can connect your phone to it, guys. That’s a big thing nowadays, you know, hands-free. You don’t want to be riding in a vehicle that you can’t hook your phone up to because you’ll get distracted, wind up in a wreck, something like that. So, you’ve got that. You’ve got your nice sound system in here.

Tiffany: You’ve got your nice leather seats.

Jeremy: Leather’s a big thing.

Tiffany: It has a connection right here.

Jeremy: Yeah, you can charge your phone.

Tiffany: You can smoke — put a lighter in there.

Jeremy: Absolutely, for those smokers, we do have you guys. What a lot of people don’t realize is they stopped putting lighters with the vehicles about ’05, ’06, something like that. It was when they stopped even putting them with the vehicles.

Tiffany: And we have this nice metallic black.

Jeremy: Yeah, the paint on this, guys, for those of you who haven’t seen a metallic black vehicle, man… you don’t know what you’re missing out. This thing is just so pretty. And we’ve got panoramic sunroof, I know a lot of people like sunroofs. This thing will go all the way back to your back seat. You’ve got this space of a nice little SUV; you’ve got your kids in the back, you’ve got room in the back for groceries or luggage if you want to go on a trip. I mean, that’s a big thing. I’ve got family, my wife’s got family that’s in New Mexico, so this would be a great vehicle to take, you know, out of town, out of state, because you can get your luggage in there, get your kids in the back, and still have room. I’m 6′ tall — a lot of guys are 6′ or over. You’ve got to have the vehicle that you don’t feel crunched up on. And this is definitely it, guys. This thing is just nice as all get out.

Tiffany: It probably gets good gas mileage.

Jeremy: Absolutely. You’re going to get really good gas mileage on this. Ford’s done a really good job of working on their vehicles and getting that gas economy up there, but also give you the vehicle with the room. So you’re definitely going to get some good mileage on this thing.

Tiffany: Definitely come check us out!

Jeremy: Whether you’re interested in this or you’re in another vehicle with us, it’s easy. All you’ve got to do is give us a call (405) 456-6235 or go on our website and put in an inquiry.

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