Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Ford F-150 Platinum

Test Drive with Integrity: 2014 Ford F-150 Platinum

Take a test drive with Preston and Jeremy in this platinum red half-ton 2014 Ford F-150.


Preston Miller (General Manager): Oh, man! This is a nice truck.

Jeremy (Sales Associate): Once again, Preston, you outdid yourself.

Preston: Happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody.

Jeremy: Hey, guys.

Preston: Today Jeremy and I are driving a 2014 Ford F-150 Platinum, and this thing is loaded!

Fully Loaded

Jeremy: This is a beautiful truck. We’re getting into that springtime, and this is a good one to have.

Preston: Gorgeous metallic red — great color if you’re a Sooners fan. It’s kind of a dark metallic red.

Jeremy: Boomer Sooner, baby.

Preston: Brown and black two-tone interior. With the Platinum, it’s the top of the trim level so it’s the nicest F-150 they make. So it’s got all your wood grain; it’s got your two-tone leather. The seats are heated and cooled in the front. The backseats are heated. It’s got a power sliding back window.

Jeremy: I see the bed cover, too.

Preston: It’s got a nice, hard folding bed cover — a fiberglass bed cover. It’s got a big touchscreen stereo with all of the Sony sound system set up in it. You can plug your phone in and play all of your music and your phone calls and all that stuff right off of your phone on the factory touchscreen.

Jeremy: Beautiful.

Preston: Nice wood grain up here. It’s just a nice truck. Even this right here — the steering wheel tilt is electric. The pedals are electric — you can make them come forward and backwards so you can get comfortable.

Jeremy: That’s a good thing, you know, for some of those shorter people.

Preston: Hey, hey, hey…

Jeremy: It’s all right; it’s all right…

Preston: You have to be comfortable, right?

Jeremy: Exactly.

Preston: That’s right. Not just short people, okay?

Jeremy: No, no, no — we’re good. It just means you’re closer to the ground.

4WD Half-Ton Pickup

Preston: This thing is a four-door, four-wheel drive, so it’s got plenty of room. The backseats fold up, so if you don’t need to haul passengers, you can haul some tools or cargo — whatever you need to haul around in there.

Jeremy: A lot of self-employed people haul their tools and they want them to stay safe where they can lock them up.

Preston: And that’s the good thing about having that bed cover, too. You can put stuff in there and lock the tailgate, and you’re good to go.

Jeremy: Absolutely. Absolutely, guys.

3.5L EcoBoost Motor

Preston: It’s got the 3.5L EcoBoost, so it’s the V6 twin turbo. And we do really well with these, the EcoBoost motors. They’ve got plenty of power, they’re a little better on fuel, and they’re quiet.

Jeremy: Just the other day I was looking at the features on different Ford motors and stuff like that, and what amazes me is that these actually have more pull and power than your 5.0L.

Preston: Yeah, those turbos, it’s kind of the future. They’re smaller motors, supplementing them with either electric on some of the new stuff or turbo chargers. It’s going to make them more fuel-efficient, and you’ll keep more of your money in your pocket instead of in the gas tank. That’s an important thing when you’re driving a big truck like this, too. It can really eat you alive.

Jeremy: Gas prices go up, most definitely.

Best Selection of Pre-Owned Trucks in Oklahoma

Preston: We’ve got plenty of trucks in stock. This is probably one of the nicer ones we’ve got on the lot right now; as far as options go, it’s completely loaded. But we’ve got work trucks; we’ve got some diesels left; we’ve got flatbeds.

Special Financing

Jeremy: We work with the self-employed, you know. Just that proof of income, proof of residence, driver’s license — that’s all it takes to get approved. It’s not hard at all.

Preston: And if you’re in the market for a car or truck — if you’ve shopped anywhere else I’m sure you know that trucks are hard to find right now — we’ve got a good selection, still. Hurry down and test drive one and buy one quick, because we’re selling them just as quick as we get them.

Jeremy: That’s the truth. I’ve had customers who’ve come in — literally, the other day, a guy came in and said, “Well, I was coming for that truck,” but he waited too long and it was gone.

Preston: One day can change a lot of inventory on the lot because we’re selling them so quick.

Jeremy: Absolutely.

Preston: If you do see something on our inventory, or if you see this truck on the Facebook page and you want to come down and buy it, make sure you hope on it quick and call Jeremy and he’ll get the ball rolling.