Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford Taurus Limited

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Ford Taurus Limited

Take a test drive in this fully-loaded black 2015 Ford Taurus!


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Look at that paint job, bro! These sparkles, man. What’s all this glitter?

Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): That’s metallic black.

Dontay: That’s nice!

Preston: It looks black, especially at night when you’re far away from it, it looks black. When you get up close, you can see all the metal flake in the paint.

Dontay: It’s super nice! You can see it almost across the street the way it was glittering, flashing!

Preston: Well, happy Test Drive Tuesday, everybody! Today, Dontay and I are driving a 2015 Ford Taurus Limited.

Dontay: Limited, baby!

Preston: It is completely loaded. Even the tilt is power, look at that! Power tilt, telescoping wheel. It is loaded — check this out.

Dontay: We’re in a spaceship!

Preston: Sunroof, big touchscreen, heated and cooled seats. Let’s turn these cooled seats on. Middle of November and we’ve got to wear coats last week. Now we’ve got to turn on these cold seats.

Dontay: I wore a hoodie today thinking we’re going to be a little chilly, and it changed quick!

Preston: It definitely warmed up. Yeah, this car is a 2015, 78,000 miles, V6, automatic, completely loaded. Black metallic with black leather. I mean, I love these Tauruses; they are the perfect road trip car. Super comfortable, dependable, good on gas, plenty of power. I mean, it’s just a great sedan.

Keyless Entry and Push Start

Dontay: And it’s got all the up-to-date features in it! That’s what I’m noticing! It’s got push start,…

Preston: Yeah, on the remote you have keyless entry, remote start. It’s a proximity key so you can just keep it in your pocket, or your purse, backpack. Just hop in and push the button on the dash; you don’t have to pull the key out and plug it in anywhere.

Dontay: Remote start’s good for that weather, now.

Preston: It’s got the same deal — the proximity key on the door handle — so you just walk up, if you have the key in range, you walk up, push the button on the door handle and unlock it.

Dontay: That’s sick! I like that, I like that.

Fully Loaded

Preston: It’s a loaded car, super nice. We’ve got two of these — this one’s a 2015; we’ve also got a 2016. They look almost identical. They’re both black with black leather. These are awesome cars. We’re used to doing test drives on trucks, so I figured we’d do a car this week. People that watch out Facebook videos might think we only sell big trucks.

Dontay: Not everybody needs a truck.

Preston: This thing averages 24 miles to the gallon. On a full-size car. A whole bunch of room in the back, comfortable. Got the rear air vents in the back of the console, so everybody in the back stays comfortable. Windows are tinted.

Dontay: I’ve got plenty of space up front. Even with the glove compartment down, I’ve still got room up front! I see a lot of space in the back. And this leather’s in real good shape, too.

Preston: Yeah, it is. Whoever had it before — it’s a one-owner car on the AutoCheck — whoever had it just really, really babied it, took care of it. You can tell it was a garage-kept car. Whenever we got it, it was this clean.

Dontay: It doesn’t look like there were passengers in the back at all.

Preston: Yeah. Probably didn’t! One of the things I like about these Tauruses — these new body-style Tauruses — it’s almost got a cockpit-kind of feel, like you’re in a plane.

Dontay: Yeah, I said spaceship earlier!

Preston: I kind of wraps all the way around you, it’s one connected piece. You don’t have a separate seat or console in the middle. It’s just all one big piece of the dash; all your buttons are up here. You’ve got all kinds of storage that opens up down here — cupholders, storage compartments — storage compartment in there. When you close it all, it’s just real nice and sleek. Good aesthetics to it. This thing just runs and drives beautifully.

Dontay: Smooth. And it’s got get up and go!

Preston: Woodgrain trim on the steering wheel and leather on the doors. I love these cars; they’re great.

Easy Financing

Preston: Tell them what to do if they want to come down and buy this car. Tell them what to do, Dontay.

Dontay: Pretty easy! Just don’t waste your time. Why go anywhere else when you can go to IntegrityAutoFinance.com? Grab one of our nicer, well-kept vehicles. One, two owners, maybe. We’ve got nice vehicles in great shape that’s going to last you through your note. So just come on down here to Integrity, or go look online to IntegrityAutoFinance.com. It’s simple. Submit an easy financing inquiry and we’ll get somebody right with you ASAP, or you can just call into the store. And we’ll answer any questions you have, set you up for an appointment to come in. And it’s based off of your income, not your credit. It’s off your income. So, if you have steady income coming in, come on down here and let us get you into a vehicle that you can be proud of and that’s going to work as hard as you.

Preston: That’s what it’s all about!

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