Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

Test Drive with Integrity: 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum

Take a test drive with Kimberly and Karla in this roomy 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum.


Karla: Fancy!

Kim: Happy Test Drive Tuesday! My name is Kimberly, and we’ve got Miss Karla with us.

Karla: Ooh,… it just smells like a brand new car.

Kim: It does. It really does. It’s a 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum.

Fully Loaded

Karla: It’s got a backup camera.

Kim: Yes! This one is actually fully-loaded. It’s got your panoramic sunroof, so it actually goes all the way back.

Karla: Nice! The kids love that. “I want you to open my sunroof!”

Kim: Yes, this one is fully-loaded. It’s got the navigation, the big touchscreen, heated and cooled seats.

Karla: They were saying something about the seats with this Explorer. Does it do anything extra besides heat and cool?

Kim: Yeah, it’s actually got the massage on there, so you can get yourself a little massage while you’re going down the road.

Karla: You know what? This car makes me rethink road trips, because I usually don’t like road trips, but if I can get a massage and keep the blood flowing while I’m on a road trip, then I’m down. I’m so down. This is nice, Kimberly.

Kim: So, it’s a Ford Explorer. It’s a smaller third-row SUV, but it’s still just got the same amount of space that you do in the Suburbans with a lot better gas mileage.

Karla: That is awesome. That is so important in this day and time with the pandemic and everything, you want to save money just every place you can save money. If you could fit all your kids in here and still get good gas mileage, that’s awesome.

Fully Reconditioned

Karla: And the interior is ridiculously clean! Like, it says Platinum on the seat; that’s so fancy.

Kim: Leather — very easy to clean. Kids, they like to make a mess.

Karla: Eating chicken nuggets in the car.

Kim: Chicken nuggets,…

Karla: I don’t let them eat in my car! Clean up your mess? I don’t think so! But, it has the wood grain and the chrome accents. This is really fancy.

Kim: Yep, it’s got your USB ports. It’s got the bluetooth, so you could actually just hook up your phone; if you have a smart phone you can actually just hook it up to the bluetooth, and play all your music and everything there, as well.

Karla: That’s really good for safety. That way, the screen is so big you can talk and navigate and not have to worry about being “on” your phone.

Kim: Another thing is you actually have 360 view on here, so you can actually click a button and see all around your vehicle.

Karla: Really?

Kim: Not just the backup camera. So, it has the backup camera features, as well. And it’s even got the backup sensors to let you know when you get too close to a vehicle behind you, or if there’s something behind you that you could possibly hit.

Karla: That’s great. And it also has the light on the mirror that tells you if you can get over or not. So that’s a good tool.

Easy Financing

Karla: It’s super nice. It’s super, super easy to get financed at Integrity Auto Finance, guys. My name is Karla, and you can call me anytime. I’ll go over the program with you. We don’t base anything off your credit. We actually help you rebuild your credit. It’s super easy. Right, Kim?

Kim: Right! Exactly.