Test Drive with Integrity: 2018 GMC Sierra

Take a test drive with Cody and Daisy in this fully-loaded, fuel-efficient 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 4X4.


Cody (Inventory Specialist): What’s up, guys? Happy Test Drive Tuesday. We’ve got Cody and Daisy here. So Daisy — you might not have seen her before. Ms. Daisy is on our staff here at Integrity Auto Finance texting people for their appointments — all those things a receptionist does. But today, she gets to be a Test Drive Tuesday video star. So, let’s have some fun, Daisy.

Daisy: Let’s have some fun! It’s a nice truck.

Cody: What are we driving here today, Daisy?

Daisy: Today we are driving a 2018 GMC Sierra.

Cody: So, this one, guys, is a GMC Sierra 1500. It’s a Z71 package; it’s got the 4X4. It’s nice and loaded out — all the creature comforts — and all sorts of safety equipment too. Some of the things safety-wise that this truck has: blind spot monitoring, lane-keep assist,… all sorts of that fancy new tech nowadays in these vehicles. And it keeps you safer. Who doesn’t love that, right?

Daisy: Exactly. And it does have the touchscreen with the Apple CarPlay.

Cody: Yeah, so this one does have the Apple CarPlay. It has Android Auto, as well. Nowadays we’re all so connected. No one really listens to their radios anymore; we all have our own playlist and want to hear the music that we want to hear when we want to hear it. Or podcasts, book even. And we want to hear it whenever we want to hear it, on our own terms. And now, with things like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you can do that. You just plug your phone in and you’re good to go. It’s that easy.

Leather & Loaded

Cody: This one has some super nice leather in it, too. Leather, heated seats, cooled seats,…

Daisy: Super spacious.

Cody: Super spacious, absolutely. Everyone wants a truck nowadays. Trucks are great because there’s the added ability to throw stuff in the bed of the truck and you still have room for the family. Quite honestly, there’s no better family vehicle than a GMC, you know? It’s absolutely top-of-the-line stuff.

Daisy: You can load up the bikes in the back.

Cody: Whatever you’ve got!

Daisy: With the kiddos.

Cody: So, like all vehicles here at Integrity Auto Finance, this one went through our 132-point inspection. We gave it an oil change and some other maintenance things. But to be more specific as to what we did to it, this one got a brand new engine air filter, oil change, brand new brakes in the front and in the back, and four brand new tires all the way around.

Daisy: 20″ mud tires.

Cody: That’s right: 20″ mud tires on this thing. You wouldn’t even know they were mud tires, they ride so quiet.

Daisy: It’s a very, very nice ride. Very smooth.

Cody: So, some other cool features about this one is that this V8 has the active cylinder shutoff, like most General Motors V8 vehicles do. So, when you’re at cruising speeds on the highway, you don’t want to be worried about a V8 burning all that fuel. It’ll shut down to four or six cylinders when you’re on the highway at cruising speeds. In times like these with gas the way it is, even though you’re driving a truck — you need the truck for its added work capacities and the things you can do in a truck that you can’t do in other vehicles. We can still get great gas mileage in a truck nowadays which is awesome, you know?

Test Drive Today

Cody: Well, guys, if you want to take a test drive in this thing, you know who to call. Give Daisy a call…

Daisy: Give me a call.

Cody: And we’ll get you set up with an appointment and we’ll get you in the store and we’ll do a test drive.

Daisy. Definitely. You are going to want to test drive this truck.

Cody: Come try this one before it’s gone, guys!

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