Test Drive with Integrity: 2019 Ford Fusion

Test Drive with Integrity: 2019 Ford Fusion

Take a test drive with Dontay in this hybrid 2019 Ford Fusion!


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): All right, guys! Welcome to Test Drive Tuesday! You have myself, Dontay Pompey — you only get me today! We are doing this great test drive on a Ford Fusion that Preston just brought out for us. I’m pretty excited. It is one of our sedans; we’ve got our Independence Day Sale coming up, and quite a few other sales where we’re actually discounting these sedans quite a bit. And we’re doing the same thing on our trucks, as well. But today, he’s got me rollin’!

We’re in a Ford Fusion, guys; this is actually a 2019 with only 33,000 miles, and it’s a Buy Here Pay Here lot. So I’m pretty excited to show you. I didn’t want to wait to get it on there, guys, so I went ahead and went by myself just so we can get this uploaded and you guys can check it out. Definitely this video won’t do it the justice of coming and seeing the vehicle.

Fully Loaded

But this is a 2019 Ford Fusion with real low mileage, like I said; this only has 33,000 miles. When I see the bells and whistles, it looks like it’s got quite a bit of things around here, as far as features. One feature that I do notice on it, that I’m liking, for sure, is obviously the GPS you have on there, backup cam. You do have your navigation, like I said, and you have your steering knob here at the bottom. It’s not a gear shift — I’m used to that — so instead of the gear shift, it actually has the knob where you can go from park, reverse, neutral, drive — obviously — but you’re doing it all with just a turn of a knob. That easy. Not even having to force, switch gears like that. So that’s good.

Two USB ports down below here so you can hook up multiple devices. So that’s a plus, as well. I know this AC is working real good; it’s actually pretty cold. I’m going to have to turn it down just a little. But other than that, definitely a nice ride. I’m loving it. Climate control, you do have that. It looks like you hit the climate, you can change the temperature on each side. You can actually change it, depending on where you’re sitting, whether you’re on this side or this side. You’ve got the dual, so you make the passenger with the cool, this one maybe not so cold. But you have the functions, also, on the touchscreen. So that’s a good thing; you’ve got it right on the touchscreen.

Your apps — Apple Radio, things like that — you can sync your phone to it. While you’re driving, you have your apps actually displayed on the screen, so that’s pretty neat. Quite a bit on this one. Like I said, this is a real nice ride. It has the sensors all around it, so it’s got driver assist and all those features.

You want to get down here and look and actually play with this vehicle, see for yourself. It does have the push start, if I didn’t mention that. Nice fancy key fob. This is a four-door sedan; these are great for travel, guys. Good sedan vehicles; good family full-size. You can fit car seats; you can fit grown passengers in the back. Plenty of leg room. But they’re good for traveling. Smooth ride, it’s great on gas — you’ve got the eco-friendly stuff, as well. This is definitely a nice ride. I like it. I think Ford Fusion did real well with this, especially look and the style on the door trim, where it’s got the multi colors, just to give it a little sportier look. And it always keeps safe, as far as the steering wheel and the controls. We still have our hands-free phone-sync — I can talk on the phone, I can do what I need to do there without having to hold the phone or balance and things like that.

Easy Financing — We Are the Bank

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