Family Vehicle Sale [video]

Family Vehicle Sale [video]

Integrity Auto Finance would like to supply some relief to families during the Coronavirus pandemic. All of our family vehicles are currently on sale. See details below.


Narrator: Take advantage of our Family Vehicle Sale!

Preston Miller (General Manager): Here at Integrity, we’re a family. And we embrace all of our customers like family. So we’re discounting all of our sedans and SUVs.

Narrator: We’ve got a huge selection of “smart buy” gas-savers, family sedans, and luxury third-row SUVs!

2014 Ford Fusion SE

Narrator: Check out this 2014 Ford Fusion SE, with a fuel-efficient EcoBoost engine, heated leather seats, touchscreen stereo, navigation, backup camera, and sunroof!

2013 Ford Flex Limited

Narrator: How about a third-row SUV? We’ve got this 2013 Ford Flex Limited — all-wheel-drive twin turbo with heated leather seats, Sony touchscreen stereo with navigation, and sunroofs in the front and rear!

2015 Lincoln Navigator

Narrator: How about this 2015 Lincoln Navigator? This seven-seater has an EcoBoost engine, power folding steps, heated and cooled leather seats, and an automatic rear door!

Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!

Narrator: Don’t worry about your credit — we are the bank!

Shop Online

Narrator: Shop online at! Check out our inventory and customer testimonials! Apply online, get pre-approved, and pick out your vehicle!

Take advantage of our Family Vehicle Sale!

Preston: Only at Integrity!