Integrity Cares: Shop Online During the Pandemic

Integrity Cares: Shop Online During the Pandemic

While our community is battling the COVID-19 coronavirus, we’re doing everything we can at Integrity to keep our customers and our staff safe and healthy. In lieu of coming into the store, you can shop online at — apply for financing, get pre-approved, and pick out your vehicle without having to set foot in the store. See details below.


Dontay Pompey (Sales Manager): Hello, Oklahoma. This is the time to be smart and stay safe. And we’ve got to keep our heads on straight while the rest of the world is out here running scared. So here at Integrity, we’ve told you time and time before that our main focus is to keep a safe environment and stay clean. Stay clean!

For instance, the Test Drives — I’ve already told you guys — we were wiping down vehicles, keeping them clean before and after every test drive, along with tables; we’ve been cleaning down the tables and chairs before and after every customer comes in and out. So see, you guys, it is very important. And you guys do know, and may have noticed, that, you know, traffic is down. Well, that is good because we’re not being exposed. But it’s still bad for business — we have to eat, too. So what we’re doing, we’re doing deals right now just for you. Just to make this happen, make things keep moving. Get sales out and help you guys out.

So if you’re someone, even, with fixed income, and you’re sitting there and you’re like, “Hey, I’m ready to buy. I haven’t been effected as much,” and you’re really ready for a vehicle, then we’re here. We’re making deals for you guys. I know it’s harder for most of these guys with steady income, where they make even more to get approved. But we’re here to help you.

So, if you happen to have fixed income, please don’t hesitate. We’re discounting vehicles. We’re also taking lower down payments for you responsible customers. And best of all, we’ve actually added our own pandemic assistance with financing TT&L (Tax, title, and license). Now, that’s going to save you some cost!

Now, with the financing the TT&L, not only does it help you with cost, but it there to help you go ahead and make that jump right away and not wait any longer.

So just remember, guys: we’re here at Integrity to help you. And these deals may be a once-in-a-lifetime deal right now. I’m hoping that this pandemic is a once-in-a-lifetime thing (and not because our lifespans are cutting shorter), but just because this Integrity Cares program. I’ve been here five years, guys, and I have a real good feeling that this will be a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Jeremy (Sales): Hey, guys! Jeremy at Integrity Auto Finance here. And we’re just reaching out because we do understand that in this time of pandemic that you don’t want to get out of your house. Well, the good thing is, we made it easy. You can go to our website, and you can fill out our application online. You can pick out a vehicle, and we’ll let you know what the down payment and the payments are going to be. And that’s going to make the process all that much easier when you come into the store. It’s going to make it very, very quick.

So, we are very loyal to our customers. Our customers are loyal to us. And we want you to become a member of the Integrity Family. So, all you have to do is give us a call and ask for Sterling or myself and we’re going to help you out.