Independence Day Sale – SUVs

Independence Day Sale – SUVs


Narrator: Take advantage of Integrity’s Independence Day Sale, where we’re discounting every vehicle on our lot!

Dontay Pompey (General Manager): And we still have the greatest selection here in Oklahoma, guys!

Lincoln MKX

Dontay: Check out this nice Lincoln MKX. It’s a pretty red color, nice leather seats — heated seats, at that — and you have your touchscreen, guys, with the navigation. Loaded!

Ford Flex

Dontay: But say you need third-row because you have a big family. You want to take trips, vacations. We have this nice Ford Flex we just pulled out, as well, guys! It’s got nice leather seats — black leather seats, at that, to keep clean for those kiddos — and you have your touchscreen, navigation, heated and cooled seats, guys! Hurry down and check out this one, as well.

Ford Explorer

Dontay: Now,… say you don’t want the Flex — you don’t need all that room! Well, since we have the greatest selection, we also have a third-row for you that’s not as big, yet it’s a little better on gas and it has the same room, guys! This is a nice, nice blue color with the black wheels for the sportiness. It’s a Ford Explorer, guys — three rows, leather, heated seats. You’ve got the heated steering wheel, cooled seats, touchscreen, navigation, two sunroofs,… you name it, it has it! Hurry down and take advantage of our Independence Day Sale today!

Narrator: Only at Integrity!