Independence Day Sale – Trucks

Independence Day Sale – Trucks


Narrator: Take advantage of Integrity’s Independence Day Sale, where we’re discounting every vehicle on our lot!

Preston Miller (Sales Associate): Hey, guys! It’s that time of the year again to celebrate our country’s freedom. Here at Integrity Auto Finance, we’re doing that with our Independence Day Sale. We’ve got a great selection of inventory in stock.

Dodge Ram 4X4

Preston: This is a short wide Dodge four-wheel-drive with a Hemi. The front end is leveled; it already has the aftermarket tires and wheels and the bedcover.

2017 Ram 3500 Diesel

Preston: We’ve got a great selection of work trucks and diesels. This one is a 2017 Ram 3500. It’s a one-ton diesel, 6.7L Cummins, four-wheel-drive. It even comes with a diesel tank and tool box, so it’s ready to go to work.

Chevrolet Silverado

Preston: If you want something a little bit nicer, a little more luxury, check out this four-wheel-drive Chevy. It’s bright red, leathered up, four-wheel-drive, DVD player, sunroof. Guys, it’s loaded like a Cadillac, but it’s a four-wheel-drive pickup truck.

The Best Selection of Pre-Owned Trucks in Oklahoma

Preston: We’ve got a great selection here at Integrity. Come down and see us! Take advantage of our Independence Day Sale, and God bless America.