Integrity Pro [video]

Integrity Pro [video]

You use your truck to make a living. Imagine it breaking down, you can’t get your work done, and there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s a small business owner’s worst nightmare — when your company is suffering and the situation is out of your control.

Here at Integrity Auto Finance, we are in the business to help hard-working, self-employed customers finance the vehicles that they want and need. Where other lenders may give you a hassle to get approved, Integrity loves doing business with self-employed customers. We understand the struggles that come with being in business for yourself. We do business with so many self-employed customers that we decided to offer an entirely fresh and affordable maintenance program specifically designed to help hard-working people just like yourself.

Introducing: Integrity Pro.

Integrity Pro is designed to add a variety of useful benefits that just makes sense for a guy who uses his truck to earn a living. Just to name a few, our professional customers who sign up will gain access to benefits such as:

  • Pro-Level Customer Service — You’ll get a direct hotline to the Integrity Pro service team, basically adding your very own service department to your business. Our team will help you keep track of the important things, like setting appointments, keeping track of service and maintenance records, and anything else that we can help you with.
  • Priority Service Appointments so you don’t have to wait in line to get your truck serviced and back on the road.
  • Discounted Service Rates for any repairs performed in our shop.
  • Access to Our Fleet of Rental Trucks for you to use if yours is down being serviced, because we understand how crippling it can be to a small business when your only truck goes down and you have work piling up.
  • Access to Fleet Tracking so you can keep track of your vehicles and your drivers when you need to.
  • Options to Finance Repairs down the road if the need every arises.

If any of this makes sense to you, then you’re one step closer to running a successful business. And here at Integrity, we’re not successful unless you are successful. So protect your company and your business by joining our Integrity Pro team today.