Test Drive with Integrity: 2013 Ford F-250 King Ranch

Test Drive with Integrity: 2013 Ford F-250 King Ranch

Take a test drive with Preston and Jeremy in this awesome 2013 Ford F-250 King Ranch.


Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service General Manager): Gorgeous truck, here!

Jeremy Wilhite (Integrity Auto Finance Sales Manager): This is a beauty, Preston, as always. You bring us the good stuff.

Preston: Nice truck, cleaned up good. Guys, happy Test Drive Tuesday.

Jeremy: Preston and Jeremy here.

Preston: We’re driving this gorgeous 2013 Ford F-250 King Ranch with the big 6.7L Powerstroke diesel engine. It’s four-wheel-drive. It’s an FX4, so it’s got the off-road package.

Completely Loaded

Jeremy: Nice and sturdy. That’s good. It’s got that saddle leather.

Preston: King Ranch has all kinds of fancy, so you’ve got saddle leather with custom fancy stitching in there that you’re not going to find in any regular pickups. You’ve got woodgrain here on the dash; you’ve got a sunroof. You’ve got heated and cooled seats here in the front.

Jeremy: That’s always nice.

Preston: If you’re driving a work truck, that’s not something you’re going to find very often. And then in the back, you’ve got heated leather seats so even your passenger can have heated seats. You’re definitely not going to find that on any other work truck. It’s got a leather-wrapped steering wheel. It’s completely loaded inside. It’s a gorgeous truck.

Jeremy: It’s got this nice big touchscreen on it.

Preston: Yeah, and that touchscreen is loaded with all kinds of stuff. You can work your heated and cooled seats here; you can also do you navigation, your backup camera, your satellite radio — all that fun tech-y stuff.

Jeremy: All the bells and whistles.

Preston: The stuff that makes driving the car fun is going to be in there.

Jeremy: I see that we’ve got the 110v plugin, so if you need to hook a laptop in or something like that, you can definitely do it. And, as a crew cab, you’ve got plenty of room in the back seat.

Preston: It’s got room for the whole crew or the kiddos. You’ve got three shoulder belts; you could put three car seats back there if you needed to or three grown men. Another thing: that seat folds up. So if you need to throw a tool box or a duffel bag or whatever back there, there’s more than enough room to do that too.

Jeremy: Plenty of room! You know, one of the things I noticed, Preston, is I don’t fifth wheel release on this thing.

Preston: Good observation! You know, most of the diesel trucks that you’re going to find on the market that are used, whoever bought them originally used them for work so they used them to pull a trailer or a camper or a boat — something. This is a 3/4-ton diesel truck without a gooseneck hitch or a fifth wheel in it, so it probably hasn’t been worked very hard. It could have been somebody’s horse trailer truck. They probably pulled something smaller with it — maybe a boat. They didn’t need that bigger trailer. What it tells me is as a guy who’s looking at aftermarket and used cars all the time is that this truck has not had that hitch in there and pulled a big heavy trailer around, and it should be a better candidate for a good, clean truck. And it drives like a dream.

Jeremy: You don’t even feel like you’re going down the road.

Preston: You can barely hear it; it’s quiet. A lot of trucks you’re going to find have the exhaust cut off of them and they’re programmed and jacked-up and stuff. This truck is bone stock; it’s got all the stuff on it. It’s even got a rolling-lock bed cover. Who’s going to buy an F-250 and put a bed cover on it? Most guys are going to fill it full of stuff and work out of it. This one’s a work truck that hasn’t been worked very hard, and it’s ready to go. We’ve got it reconditioned, shined up, and it is ready to go.