Integrity Trucks: Best in Stock – 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat [video]

Integrity Trucks: Best in Stock – 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat [video]

Integrity Auto Finance has the best selection of nice, heavy-duty trucks in the state of Oklahoma, including half-ton, 3/4-ton, and one-ton work trucks (we even have diesels!).

2013 Ford F-150 Lariat

This awesome 2013 Ford F-150 Lariat is loaded! It’s a 4×4 with off-road tires, heated and cooled seats, touchscreen stereo, EcoBoost motor, LED lights on the front and a bedcover on the back.


Preston Miller (Integrity Auto Service): I’m driving this 2013 F-150 Lariat. It’s pearl white with black wheels and off-road tires — all the options — heated and cooled seats. This is one of the showcase vehicles that really defines what our inventory is here at Integrity Auto Finance.

Buying a vehicle can be super stressful — you want to get the most for your money, you want to make sure that you get a vehicle that has been well-maintained. Since it’s a used vehicle, you want to make sure that the previous owner or owners changed the oil every 3,000-5,000 miles. You want to make sure they didn’t wreck it or abuse it, drive it rough, tear it up — all those red flags that can give you a bad experience buying used cars.

Part of my job here at Integrity — I buy all of the inventory. I’m out at auctions multiple times a week, and every vehicle that I buy, I pull an AutoCheck vehicle history report so I can see a history of the vehicle: where it came from, who owned it, what part of the country it came from because I don’t want to buy a vehicle that came from Houston during the floods. I try to do my best a nice, well-maintained one-owner car or truck.

Another thing that stands out on our inventory is I try to buy vehicles that have options that make the vehicle enjoyable to you. Just because you have poor credit, it doesn’t mean that you have to go and buy a car that you don’t love. So, a lot of our inventory that I look for will have heated seats, leather, backup cameras, and navigation — all those convenient features that make the overall driving of the vehicle enjoyable.

Another thing that I look for is vehicles that are flashy. This truck is pearl white; it has black wheels, factory 20s, off-road tires, LED lights, leather seats,… it’s a really good-looking vehicle. It’s not what you would traditionally find on a Buy Here Pay Here lot. That’s one thing we pride ourselves in is our quality of inventory. That’s what separates us from the competition. Before you shop anywhere else, and if you want to get the most for your money this tax season, come and shop us first. Just give us a shot, check out our inventory online, and if you see something you like, give us a call and we will go to work for you and see if we can get you into an awesome truck like this one that meets your budget.