Living Life with Integrity: Tia

Living Life with Integrity: Tia

Tia uses her SUV for her full-time job and for her crafting business on the side. It’s the perfect vehicle to fit her needs.


Tia: I work full time, I craft on the side. A vehicle is very important because you have to get to and from where you need to go and it needs to be reliable.

I make shirts, dominoes, wreaths — I make a lot of things and I dabble in a lot of things to see if I can make them. If I find something I like that’s big, I can just put down both seats and I can put it in there. I made this right here — this is one of many that I’ve got orders for. It’s a zodiac shirt — it says ‘Aries.’

I’ve had three vehicles with Integrity, and all of them are good. Like, I’ve had no issues — no mechanical issues. If I did, I would call them up and they would actually fix it.