Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Chevy Suburban LTZ

Test Drive with Integrity: 2015 Chevy Suburban LTZ

Take a test drive with Kimberly and Riley in this luxurious third-row 2015 Chevy Suburban LTZ.


Kimberly: Hey, guys! It’s Kimberly and Riley here for Test Drive Tuesdays. We are actually test driving a 2015 Chevy Suburban. It’s an LTZ, black, super gorgeous. I love the color.

Riley: Especially the interior. You wouldn’t expect it.

Kimberly: Yeah, the brown interior is nice.

Fully Loaded

Riley: Then you’ve got the big backup camera; you’ve got the heated and cooled seats in the front. And then you also have the dual DVD/Blu-ray players in the back.

Kimberly: Yeah, you definitely need that with the kiddos. My son, he gets so bored when he’s sitting in the backseat, especially on trips. So, it comes really in handy to keep them occupied.

Riley: And you’ve got the charging ports, obviously, to help them stay occupied if they have phones, if they’re old enough to have those. Navigation, Bluetooth radio.

Kimberly: It’s got the sunroof, which is also a really nice feature.

Riley: Dual heat and air.

Kimberly: It also has the rear heat and air, so if you want a different temperature for the kids back there — if they’re screaming they’re hot and you’re cold. It definitely comes in handy.

Riley: I love the brown, though, especially how it matches with the seats.

Kimberly: Yeah, two-tone. It’s got the black dash, and it kind of blends in nicely with the leather interior. There’s plenty of room, too.

Riley: Oh, yeah.

Kimberly: It’s got the captain’s seats, so kids don’t have to crawl over the seats. Your seats can get really dirty when the kids are having to crawl over them. So, I like that they can actually just walk back there instead of crawling over.

Riley: And then you’ve got the WeatherTech floor mats, so if kids have mud on their shoes or anything, you don’t have to worry about the interior.

Kimberly: We actually have a red Tahoe and a Suburban. We’ve had so many calls on them, that our buyer decided to go on and buy another one in a different color so that we have a couple of options.

Riley: It is push-to-start keyless entry, remote start. It’s got a lot of storage spaces.

Easy Financing

Kimberly: So what do we need to be financed at Integrity?

Riley: So, all you guys need is proof of income, proof of residence, and a valid driver’s license. You guys can give us a call at (405) 456-6235 and set up an appointment that way. Or you can go on our website and send an app that way.